By Gaetano Cipolla Professor Emeritus, St John’s University President and Editor of Arba Sicula marks the th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Meli. ARBA SICULA is the official journal of the Sicilian- American organization by the same name whose principal objective is to preserve, study, and promote. We publish a journal entitled “Arba Sicula” that contains sections on Sicilian poetry, prose, art, history, film cuisine, book reviews. The journal is entirely bilingual.

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Arba Sicula also has a publishing arm, Legas, [4] which publishes many books on matters relating to Sicily and the Sicilian language often bilingual, in English and Sicilian. Mafia has obviously hurt very much the perception of Sicily and its citizens in the US. We also give grants to Sicilian writers to tell the story of Sicilians because too often our stories have been told by non-Sicilians.

Arba Sicula has at least one member in […].

Gaetano Cipolla – The Sicilian Project

Oggi, milioni di italoamericani, decine di gruppi, diverse feste e sagre sono orgogliosi della loro origine siciliana e felici di celebrarla: Retrieved from ” https: Move the Pizza around! As time passed, some of this changed, until the movie “The Godfather” from a very successful book written by the Sicilian Mario Puzo brought again Sicily at the center of the stage, once more not in a very pleasant meaning.

Retrieved 31 Dec Io non conosco nessun altro italiano che volontariamente aggiunge questa informazione.

This year our 20th year we are holding two consecutive tours because of the great interest people have sciula going to Sicily. L’Italia non ha investito in Sicilia o nel sud.

To subscribe to the publicationsthat I recommend please send:. We also publish a 20 page magazine entitled “Sicilia Parra” twice a year, informing our members about our events.

Arba Sicula

As a Sicilian that went away, even if not on a boat in such desperate conditions, what’s your feeling about this? This article needs additional citations for verification.


By Gaetano Cipolla As president and editor of Arba Sicula, a non profit international organization that promotes Sicilian language and culture, I am always looking for materials that can help me fulfill the objectives of the association. The Sicilians who live in the United States maintain an emotional bond with their island and they try to pass along their love to their offspring.

Oggi la Sicilia soffre di un diverso, opposto problema: Colgo quindi l’occasione per dire al Presidente Gaetano Ciopolla ed a tutti i Soci che siamo grati What they mean, of course, is that they do not identify with the negative stereotypes of Sicilians. The economic conditions in Sicily are terrible. We are happy to report that Mr. We thank him very much for his generosity in answering our questions. Each one would have an interesting story to tell, similar and yet unique, relating the struggle that they had to overcome to fight against the barriers of discrimination, insult, violence and defamation to become an integral part of the society.

We have over members throughout the world. They should not be made to bear the brunt of malpractice, bad governments, greed and injustice that drive people to flee from their home.

We The Italians | Gaetano Cipolla (President – Arba Sicula)

We need to combat the stereotypes at every opportunity. Arba Sicula has at least one member in […] Sicul-English: But Sicilians can claim that the stringy pasta was already plentiful in the town of Trabia as early […] Arthur Dieli, Sicilian Proverbs: Cipolla, what is Arba Sicula, and which are your activities?

John’s University, are free to our members and their guests and usually include refreshments. It is usually pages, sometime larger. Basically Sicilians try to create another Sicily wherever they go. I was proud to see a Sicilian fisherman stick to his conviction that at sea if you can help you don’t let people drown, even at the risk of going to jail. Certamente la mafia ha fatto molto male alla reputazione dei siciliani. Ho creato due serie di libri per la casa editrice Legas.


Tutte le diverse dominazioni non hanno cambiato questo. Gaetano Cipolla has been the president of Arba Sicula and editor of the journal and magazine for the last 18 years. He has written books on Sicilian culture and language and has translated some of the most important Sicilian poetry into English, including the verses of the celebrated poets: Fondamentalmente i siciliani cercano di creare un’altra Sicilia ovunque vadano.

La mafia ha ovviamente danneggiato molto la percezione della Sicilia e dei suoi cittadini negli Stati Uniti. Le condizioni economiche della Sicilia sono terribili. Tuesday, April 14 – 6. But what can they do it they have no means to even feed themselves? They created a textbook full of terrible stereotypes against Sicilians presenting them as illiterate gangsters who can’t even speak Sicilian. Award-winning author and Brooklynite Paul Moses is back with a historic yet dazzling sto Parmitano is now back on earth after successfully completing his excursion in space.

When you read Sicilan, you may note that Sicilian stories and poetry have a unique flavor and style.

This is a full color magazine of 20 pages that includes articles about what is happening in Sicily today, as well as throughout history. I siciliani hanno anni di storia.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Arbw. In the last issue of Arba Sicula we published an article about the first Sicilian astronaut, Luca Parmitano, who spent six months in space, working in the International Space Station.

I siciliani che vivono negli Stati Uniti mantengono un legame emotivo con la loro isola e cercano di passarlo ai loro figli insieme con il loro amore.