ARCIC Mary Document – Full Text. In the continuing journey toward full communion, the Roman Catholic Church and the Churches of the Anglican Communion. wwThe Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) is an organization . Although ARCIC had just completed the major document on Marian theology in , Pope John Paul II suspended official talks between the Roman. Following seven years of work, the first ‘Agreed Statement’ (a page document) to emerge from ARCIC III, Walking Together on the Way.

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We accept that it is possible to regard her as a prophetic figure of the Church of God before as well as after the Incarnation para. In the rich diversity of human life, encounter with the living Tradition produces a variety of expressions of the Gospel.

This re-reception was evident in the Second Vatican Council which, consonant with the contemporary biblical, patristic, and liturgical renewals, and with concern for ecumenical sensitivities, chose not to draft a separate document on Atcic, but to integrate doctrine about her into the Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium – more specifically, into its final section describing the eschatological pilgrimage of the Church Chapter VIII.

Mark indicates that growth in understanding is inevitably slow and painful, and that genuine faith in Christ is not reached until the encounter with the cross and the empty tomb. In the Greek translation used by the early Church LXXhowever, the personal pronoun autos he cannot refer to the offspring neuter: In there was a meeting on the subject of ordination. The Commission poses some questions frankly but documnets the conviction that we need the support of one another in responding to them.

This gift has been welcomed and the ministry of these Bishops of Rome continues to be celebrated liturgically by Anglicans as well as Roman Catholics. I carry out this duty with the profound conviction that I am obeying the Lord, and with a clear sense of my own human frailty. This convergence has been officially noted by the authorities of the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church.

Issues concerning authority have been raised acutely aecic each of our communions. Peter Westmore for the Thomas More Centre.

Within the communion of local churches the Spirit is at work to shape each church through the grace of reconciliation and communion in Christ. Mary did have an extended family: Revision of the calendars and lectionaries used in our Communions, especially the liturgical provision associated with feasts of Mary, gives evidence of a shared process of re-receiving the scriptural testimony to her place in the faith dkcuments life of the Church.

When, in the Spirit and through Christ, believers address their prayers to God, they are assisted by the prayers of other believers, especially of those who are truly alive in Christ and freed from sin.


Holy Scripture containeth all things necessary to salvation: We are agreed that, while caution is needed in the use of such imagery, it is fitting to apply it to Mary, as a way of honouring her distinctive relationship to her son, and the efficacy in her of his redeeming work. Tradition is a dynamic process, communicating to each generation what was delivered once for all afcic the apostolic community.

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Therefore, loyal criticism and reforms are sometimes needed, following the example of Paul cf. When they are not one in faith they cannot be one in life, and so cannot demonstrate fully that they are faithful to arcoc will of God, which is the reconciliation through Christ of all things to the Father cf.

The account emphasizes the new wine which Jesus brings, symbolizing the eschatological marriage feast of God with his people and the messianic banquet of the Kingdom. Perseverance in the Truth: Those who participate in the communion of the Gospel cannot refrain from transmitting it to others, even if this means martyrdom.

If this statement is to contribute to the reconciliation of the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church and is accepted, dpcuments will require a response in life and in deed.

The Commission is of the view that we have deepened and extended our agreement on: So the relation between the faith of the individual and the faith of the Church is more complex than may sometimes appear. Devotion to Mary must be in accordance with the Scriptures and the liturgy of the Church; it must be sensitive to the concerns of other Christians and it must affirm the full dignity of women in public and private life.

Such doocuments universal primacy might gather the churches in various ways for consultation and discussion. In the early Church, the preaching of the Word of God in the power of the Spirit was seen as the defining characteristic of apostolic authority cf.

Has enough provision been made to ensure consultation between the Bishop of Rome and the local churches prior to the making of important decisions affecting either a documentss church or the whole Church? Through such ministry the Holy Spirit keeps alive in the Church the memory of what God did and revealed, and the hope of what God will do to bring all things into unity in Christ. In the process of testing such formulations, the Church has moved cautiously, but with confidence in the promise of Christ that it will persevere and be maintained in the truth cf.

The individual believer and the Church find their consummation in the new Jerusalem, the holy bride of Christ cf. The crowds gathering at some places where Mary is believed to have appeared suggest that such apparitions are an important part of this devotion and provide spiritual comfort.


Specific practical aspects of sharing episcope will emerge from local initiatives. In such symbolic dofuments corporate readings, images for the Church, Mary and discipleship interact with one another.

Mary in the Economy of Grace 54 Within this biblical framework we have considered afresh the distinctive place of the Virgin Mary in the economy of grace, as the one who bore Christ, the elect of God. Our Agreed Statement concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary as pattern of grace and hope is a powerful reflection of our efforts to seek out what we hold in common and celebrates important aspects of our common heritage.

In its continuing life, the Church seeks and receives the guidance from the Holy Spirit that keeps its teaching faithful to apostolic Tradition.

Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ

When bishops take counsel together they seek both to discern and to articulate the sensus fidelium as it is present in the local church and in the wider communion of churches. In parallel to the prophetic image of Israel as the bride of the Lord, the Solomonic literature of the Old Testament characterizes Holy Wisdom as the handmaid of the Lord Proverbs 8: The Church must continue faithful so that the Christ who comes in glory will recognise in the Church the community he founded; it must continue to be free to receive the apostolic Tradition in new ways according to the docuuments by which it is confronted.

These are words that could be applied to the birth of Jesus himself.

The exercise of authority can be oppressive and destructive. Less and less socuments in scriptural exegesis, theologians relied on logical probability to establish their positions, and Nominalists speculated on what could be done by the absolute power and will of God.

These uses, however, often cannot be sharply distinguished. They neither affirmed nor denied the possibility of Mary having been preserved by grace from participation in this general human condition.

At such a stage, the persevering, painstaking work of dialogue is all the more vital. The preparation by God for a prophetic task is exemplified in the words spoken by the angel to Zechariah before the birth of John the Baptist: They should also witness together in the public sphere on issues affecting the common good.

Hence asking our brothers and sisters, on earth and in heaven, to pray for us, does not contest the unique mediatory work of Christ, but is rather a means by which, in and through the Spirit, its power may be displayed.

In some situations, there will be an urgent need to test new formulations of faith.