Victor Shklovosky, a founder of the OPAYAZ group in Russia, occupies a significant position in Russian Formalism by introducing his literary concept of art as. Art as a Technique by viktor Shklovsky. Shklovsky brings out that there comes a point were perceptions become habitual thus becoming. Art as Technique has 30 ratings and 4 reviews. zeynab said: it is a sufficient introductory Victor Shklovsky is perhaps best known for developing the concept of.

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He opposed bolshevism and took part in an anti-bolshevik plot organised by members of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party.

They offer new, unique ways of looking at things. After the conspiracy was discovered by the ChekaShklovsky went into hiding, traveling in Russia and the Ukraine, but was eventually pardoned in due to his connections with Maxim Gorkyand decided to abstain from political activity. The technique is not confined to Russian literaturenor is the theory without precedent.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Film Diary — Amerikanka. Art as Technique by Victor Shklovsky. Kostas Lopsaitis rated it liked it Dec 30, Melanie Gratto rated it liked it Apr 20, Brecht’s technique, in turn, has been highly influential for artists and filmmakers including Jean-Luc Godard and Yvonne Rainer.

Spam prevention techniqeu by Akismet. The technique for him is not automatic and static.

Art as a Technique by viktor Shklovsky

Art as Technique by Victor Shklovsky Victor Shklovosky, a founder of the OPAYAZ group in Russia, occupies a significant position in Russian Formalism by introducing his literary concept of art as technique, thereby making the notion of defamiliarization as a central tenet of the Russian Formalism. Shklovsky is perhaps best known for developing the concept of ostranenie or defamiliarization also translated as “estrangement” in literature.


This difference is the manipulation of form, or the artist’s technique, which is the key to the creation of art.

Techniqeu this sense, the work of art is an artistic use of language where in we can invent newer and newer literary devices to create defamiliarization in literary devices to create defmilarization in literature so that the result in literary work is the experience of new satisfactions and perspectives.

The purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known.

It has been associated with the poet and playwright Bertolt Brechtwhose Verfremdungseffekt “alienation effect” was a potent element of his approach to theater. Its influence would be widely felt in both twentieth century art and literary criticism. Miriam rated it liked it Dec 16, Subsequently, the Russian Provisional Government sent him as an assistant Commissar to the Southwestern Front where he was wounded and got an award for bravery.

As a consequence, the reader is forced to see techniqe a different perspective and appreciate the form of the text and not just its content or meaning. Quotes from Art as Technique. Viktor Borisovich Shklovsky or Shklovskii; Russian: He argues that literariness lies in the deviant use of language, but not the symbols and imagery.

Shahab Habibi rated it liked it Jan 31, Second of all, the name isn’t hard to explain. In the essay Shklovsky argues that such a shopworn understanding fails to address the major feature of art, which is not to be found in its content but its form.


Defamiliarization is one of the key concepts of Russian Formalism and Shklovsky is one of its most important theorists. According to Shklovsky the technique is meant to challenge the reader’s or viewer’s expectations and jar their sensibilities.

So as art becomes an institution, or better said, something proposed as art makes it into a museum, there is exclusion.

Viktor Shklovsky – Wikipedia

Saint PetersburgRussian Empire. Want to Read saving…. Christy Thomas rated it it was amazing Nov 06, This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia tchnique in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

Art is a way of experiencing the artfulness of an object; vimtor object is not important. What Shklovskij wants to show is that the operation of defamiliarization and its consequent perception in the literary system is like the winding of a watch the introduction of energy into a physical system: One of Shklovsky’s major contentions was that poetic language is fundamentally different than the language that we use everyday.