For Arx Fatalis on the PC, GameFAQs has 2 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). FAQ/Walkthrough (XBOX), 03/11/11, antseezee, Final, K. FAQ, 09/14/. Arx Fatalis Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 73 videos by jarekhanzelka (). Title, Duration, Date. part 1 – Freedom!. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Arx Fatalis. Help for Arx Fatalis , Arx Fatalis walkthrough and weird stuff (Xbox) by darkfire

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Search the corpse, take the 2 pieces of dwarf flesh, power stone, key, and pretty much everything. Also fixed up a few formatting problems.

Unfortunately, his opponent cheated during the election and somehow won. Of course, this is no ordinary test. When you return the idol to King Faatlis, the trolls start freeing the passageway at once and end their strike; you decide to go back King Lunshire again to report of your success. Anyway, cross the bridge and start to check out the fortress.

Combine the 2 Golden Snakes you retrieved from before, and place them in. However, your fellow mate, Kultar, saves you realizing that you were Am Shaegar. First off, the first level splits off into several directions. About 20 years ago, the Sister Snakes let the humans borrow these two stones to give them magical powers beyond mortal existence.

They’ll come in handy once you have the object knowledge to recognize them. This will cause them to die forever. Wait up there until the beast walks into the room. Orbilanax’s Bedroom is located in the middle on the right side.

Walkthroughs and guides for Arx Fatalis

Level 1 – The Castle As you enter the castle 24Carlo is about to report of the second attack the Ylsides have done to the Outpost: Once you make it through, toss a stone on the pressure plate to open the next fataois, and continue to the next level. Inside you’ll find Krahoz to be safely yours.


Instead, leap over them. In Falan Orbiplanax grave 34 you find waokthrough key to his chest in his room in the castle. You can also try getting a speed scroll, or casting a Speed spell to give you more time to reach the place. Follow them according to their [1], [2], and [3] steps.

Explore the caves with the help of torches.

Arx Fatalis — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

The mining area you are looking for is at the very top of the map and is decorated with goblin art like Greu’s. If you do kill the dragon, you may also take dragon bones the only place you can get them in the gameand roughly around 5, gold coins on the dead corpse. Somehow he knew of your presence. Otherwise, you’re going to have to deal with up to 3 priests at a time, and it can be a pain for the weaker characters.

So make sure you pump a ton of points into object knowledge at least So the next task is to find the rebels and the Krahoz. Follow the stone pathway back to the Level 4 stairs, and then head back to Arx. It should catch the fire back on full throttle.

Press A to talk to the man. In a room with a broken elevator 12you need to remove all the bricks from the one pressure plate and put one on the other to open a secret room 11 ; here you will find the key for the supply room 17 and a rope to repair the elevator, which will lift you up.


Later in the game, ST becomes important, so you can pump it later. Surprisingly, you find a goblin here as well 36who tells you, that the trolls are on strike and not delivering any more gems to the goblins.

Arx Fatalis Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

You’ll eventually reach an area that looks futuristic, with magic devices and barriers. Of course, there were also goblins, trolls, dragons and demons, but we lived so far walkthrokgh from one another that we rarely crossed paths. Of course, this is a bunch of bull crap, and the truth is too blind to believe.

After you’re done dilly dallying throughout the city, head back in the starting entrance that got you there. Afterwards, you’ll be warped to the room with the 2 Stone snakes, but now they’re normal Snake Women.

The heavy tomb is the one directly straight behind the altar table in the cathedral.

Walk up to the bed, and crouch press the right thumbstick once. Run all the way back to the elevator room, and combine the rope with the elevator mechanism select the rope in your inventory, highlight the mechanism, and press A.

Traps can be defused with special kits, scrolls, qalkthrough spells. You explore the camp a bit more, but are not allowed to enter the restricted area 24 if you play a thief, you can try to sneak in this area and steal the Krahoz, but it is a very hard task.