AS 3958.1 PDF

AS Ceramic tiles – Guide to the installation of ceramic tiles. standard by Standards Australia, 01/01/ Amendments Available. View all. Visit our website and learn more about AS standards. To direct all water flowing from supply points to drainage outlets without leakage to the substrate or adjacent areas. Refer to AS and AS and also.

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We assess ponding floors. Natural stone tiles BS Tiling and the AS codes. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. Requirements and test methods BS EN If the document is revised or amended, you will be notified by email.

Already Subscribed to this document. The decision on ws to proceed in cleaning or tiling should be based on qualifications, experience and knowledge.

Determination of compressive strength.

Tiling Assessments – Home Page

Determination of flexural strength under constant moment. The objective and criteria of performance requirement to the AS is to install tiles zs and reliably using competent workmanship skills and suitable tiling techniques. Need more than one copy?

Code of practice for the construction of pavements of natural stone setts and cobbles. Determination of water absorption coefficient by capillarity.

Determination of real and bulk density and of total and open porosity for natural stone masonry units. Determination of flexural strength under concentrated load.

AS 3958.1 – 2007: Ceramic Tiles – Part 1: Guide to the Installation of…

The manual also includes a list of Australian quarries, xs suppliers of stone and related allied products. Add to Alert PDF. Movement joints should be detailed in the working drawings and specifications describing the type the dimension of the joint the sealant type and locations.


Determination of water absorption of aggregate concrete, manufactured stone and natural stone masonry units due to capillary action and the initial rate of water absorption of clay masonry units.

Australian Stone Standards

As the voice of the U. Subscription pricing is determined by: For more information visit Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Determination of frost resistance BS EN Determination of the breaking load at dowel hole. Determination of real density and apparent density and of total and open porosity BS EN Determination of resistance to ageing by SO2 action in the presence of humidity.

Information for application in swimming pools, gradients on floors, screeds and rendering, and cleaning and maintenance is also included. The tiling system should be designed to be compatible with the background structure brick, stud framed other see AS Cleaning of natural stones, brick, terracotta and concrete BS This standard is not included in any packages. For example the adhesive coverage on a wall tile should align to the AS Select and specify the tiles the tile fixative tile adhesive type including mortars, additives, primers, bond breakers and the water membranes.

Use the appropriate workmanship tiling techniques to suit the work task the environment in accordance to the required performance requirement. Terminology BS EN Specification for copings of precast concrete, cast stone, clayware, slate and natural stone.


Code of practice for laying natural stone, precast concrete and clay kerb units BS Determination of water absorption at atmospheric pressure BS EN Determination of water absorption at atmospheric pressure. Code of practice for the construction of pavements of precast concrete flags or natural stone slabs.

Specification for window sills of precast concrete, cast stone, clayware, slate and natural stone. This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions.

Provides guidance on the preparation of the background and the fixing and grouting of floor and wall tiles and mosaic tiles.

We assess tiles for alumina dust. This clause can not be understated as many waterproofing and tiling failures we inspect are directly caused by the omission of design and specifications to poor workmanship. Code of practice for the design and installation of internal ceramic and natural stone wall tiling and mosaics in normal conditions BS Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution qs accessing standards.

Determination of real density and apparent density and of total and open porosity. There are a range of Australian and international standards which have relevance to the use of natural stone in buildings.

What are the performance requirements industrial, 39588.1, residential to identify the type and classification of the selected tile? Surface repair of natural stones, brick and terracotta. Natural stone masonry units BS EN