Desdemona Carlisle has loved Harry Braxton since the day their eyes first met. But Harry acts as if they are the best of friends, and nothing more. Buy a cheap copy of As You Desire book by Connie Brockway. In Connie Brockway’s mesmerizing tale of romance and adventure, a notorious treasure hunter. In Connie Brockway’s mesmerizing tale of romance and adventure, a notorious treasure hunter realizes that the greatest jewel of all is the woman before his.

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Dizzy is alright, I don’t particularly like her nor do I dislike her. Jul 19, Linds rated it really liked it Shelves: Common terms and phrases Abdul Akhenaton answered Apis bull Arab arms beneath Blake Ravenscroft breath brow Cairo caught chair cheeks connid color Connie Brockway cousin damn dark Darkmoor Manor demona Desdemona Carlisle desert desk Dizzy Dizzy’s door Duraid Dyslexia Egypt Egyptian England English eyes face feel felt fingers fool gaze Georges bolted glanced grandfather grinned Gunter hair hand Harry asked Harry Braxton Harry’s hashish he’d heard heart hurt khamsin kiss knew laughed leaned lifted lips looked Lord Blake Lord Ravenscroft Luxor Magi Magi’s Marta matter Maurice Maurice’s Miss Carlisle Miss Desdemona mouth murmured never nodded ostraca pain palm papyrus Rabi realized romantic she’d shirt shook her head shoulder sighed Simon Sir Robert slipped smiled sorry sound stared stopped suddenly sure tell thing thought throat tion told tone took touch turned voice waited whispered desir words young.

Looking forward to the next in the series. Her parents dragged her all over the world, put her on display, and effectively deprived cnonie of the time all coonnie girls need to spin their daydreams.


Gorgeous read and will definitely be a re-read down the track.

View all 58 comments. I own several of this author’s books and will definitely read them!

Guest Review: As You Desire by Connie Brockway

I thought the love story for her and the Brocjway Cal was far better than the one with Harry and Diz. Wind and darkness coalesced in the distance. I really put off reading this one for too long, ladies.

View all 4 comments. I wasn’t ready to leave Harry and Desdemona’s world just yet. Another one of those AAR listed books that I’ve had my eyes on. Maybe she had this white slave thing all wrong. I don’t want to give too much away of this irresistible story so I’ll just say that these two have my vote for most lovable couple of the year!

I think, though, when you read the book and you should – it’s good! Harry Braxton was a rouge, a scoundrel, and a born opportunist who had already broken her heart once. Cheeky and not average in anyway, she does as she pleases though professing to long for a life as an average English Lady. Dizzy was intriguing as well with her vast knowledge of language.

Then she sees the man in black, galloping through the Egyptian desert on a pure white steed. Kidnapped, drugged, and about to be sold to the highest bidder, Desdemona Carlisle is having a hell of a time maintaining her English pride. Sorry, I guess this just wasn’t my cup of tea. As brilliant as she is beautiful, Desdemona still hasn’t learned how to stay out of trouble–which suits Harry just fine. As if she were the central point upon which all of his world turned. The setting was fabulous, and made me think of Death on the Nile, apart I kind of enjoyed this one.


As You Desire – Connie Brockway – Google Books

Harry never expected life to get easier but to make the best of what was available to him. How could she ever trust a notorious rake who came with a warning: Harry is a man who’s had to sharpen his brains and tongue to survive and he really knows how to use both to make a woman feel loved. He was beaten and abused by teachers and kids because of it.

I wanted it to be over. And let me tell you, I loved these two characters, especially together. She loves Harry but will never allow him to hurt her again.

Accept Reject Read More. I am glad so many people enjoyed this book but I was not one of them. Harry is a wonderful hero. Marianne Stillings Review Date: It seemed too cavalier for her situation, but she couldn”t claim she felt exactly terrorized anymore. Harry is brilliant, charming, loyal, dedicated, funny, and sad.