an ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE Web site (www. ) or from .. , ANSI/ASHRAE , ANSI/ASHRAE ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard User’s Manual: Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems (ASHRAE SP) [Donald L. Fenton, William V. Richards] on . From the editor In a previous newsletter, we discussed the application of ANSI/ ASHRAE. Standard 15, “Safety Standard for. Refrigeration Systems,” to large.

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Means shall be taken to adequately safeguard piping, controls, and other refrigerating equipment to minimize possible accidental damage or rupture by external sources. The floor area per occupant is not less than ft2 9.

Interpretations To Standard 15-2001

The highside and lowside of each system shall be tested and proved tight at not less than the lower of the design pressure or Factory Tests 9.

Moving machinery shall be guarded in accordance with approved safety standards. The discharge pipe from the pressure-relief device shall distribute ammonia in the bottom of the tank but no lower than 33 ft 10 m below the maximum liquid level. These systems are defined by the method employed for extracting or delivering heat as follows see Figure 1: For the purpose of applying Tables 1 and 2, a refrigerating system shall be classified according to the degree of probability that a leakage of refrigerant will enter an occupancy-classified area as follows.

The means used to build up the test pressure shall have either a pressure-limiting device or a pressure-reducing device and a gage on the outlet side. The area of the header or riser and the diffuser inlet shall be equal to the sum of the areas of all of the relief valve vent lines and emergency discharge lines feeding it.


Ramspeck, Manager of Standards Stephen D. When fusible plugs are used on the highside, they shall be located either above or below the liquid refrigerant level. The total amount of refrigerant stored in a machinery room in all containers not provided with relief valves and piping in accordance with 9. If personnel working in the refrigerating machinery room are not provided with and trained to use respiratory protection equipment appropriate for the refrigerant such as canister respirators or self-contained breathing apparatusthey must leave the room immediately.

A3 Determine the maximum allowable concentration Cm of a blend. When required, there shall be liquid and vapor transfer valves, a transfer compressor or pump, and refrigerant storage tanks or appropriate valved connections for removal by a reclaim, recycle, or recovery device. Note that donning respiratory protection is a last-resort option under most industrial hygiene regimens; it is preferable to provide engineering controls to reduce refrigerant concentrations to tolerable levels.

Selection of the proper respiratory protection for the particular situation may require additional information e.

Section 9 — The requirements for pressure vessel protection were revised. Every effort is made to balance the concerned interests on all Project Committees. Part “a” of 9. Trains the technicians to leave the refrigerating machinery room when the refrigerant alarm sounds.

ASHRAE Standard _图文_百度文库

A clear and unobstructed approach and space shall be provided for inspection, service, and emergency shutdown of condensing units, compressor units, condensers, stop valves, and other serviceable components of refrigerating machinery. Santoro Gideon Shavit David R. The worst case or the smallest volume in which the leaked refrigerant disperses shall be used to determine the refrigerant quantity limit in the system, subject to the following criteria: Combustion equipment shall not be installed in the same machinery room with refrigerant-containing equipment except ashhrae one of the following conditions: Group Stanadrd and B3 refrigerants shall not be used except where approved by the authority having jurisdiction.


Indirect systems are distinguished by the method of application given below.

After donning appropriate respiratory protection if necessarythey may reenter the machinery room to close valves, fix leaks, shut off alarms, etc. The changes in this addendum are intended to clarify the requirements for internal relief to improve safety in situations where the changes apply. The minimum floor area shall not apply where the space is provided with egress directly to the outdoors or into approved building exits.

Interpretations To Standard

Page 3 Erratum Foreword. The disposal of hazardous materials, if any, will also be considered. In referring to this Standard or Guideline and in marking of equipment and in advertising, standafd claim shall be made, either stated or implied, that the product has been approved by ASHRAE.

Access doors and panels in ductwork and air-handling units shall be gasketed and tight fitting. Highsides of all water-cooled or evaporatively cooled systems: High-Stage or Single-Stage Compressors: Reference 6 is mandatory for designers, manufacturers, and producers of refrigeration equipment.

No enclosures shall be required for connections between a condensing unit and the nearest protected riser if such connections are not longer than 6. Where a refrigerating system or a part thereof is located within an air handler, an air distribution duct system, or in an occupied space served by a mechanical ventilation system, the entire 15-20011 distribution system shall be analyzed to determine the worst case distribution of leaked refrigerant.

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