See how Asteron Life Insurance has helped protect Australians for over years. Play Video · Book an. Appointment · Choosing Life Insurance · About Asteron. Asteron Life Complete is our comprehensive suite of life insurance products that can be tailored to suit your needs – allowing you and your family to get more out . Asteron Life Complete Life Cover is an affordable and comprehensive life insurance option that pays out a lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal.

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TAL is said to be committed to offering excellent value to current Asteron Life policyholders, striving to deliver superior customer service.

Whether you have any outstanding debts, loans or a mortgage to pay. This information is current as at January but is subject to change.

We will notify you each year on your renewal notice regarding the status of your discount so you will know what level of reduction and savings you have received. Sicknesses or injuries that asyeron appeared, happened or was diagnosed beofre your insurance started or was reinstated that have not been disclosed and accepted by the insurer.

Rewards for healthy living At Asteron Life, we believe in making a positive difference. With such a good rating and the support of their parent company, Suncorp Group Limited, Asteron Life inspires trust.

Asteron Life Complete Life Cover

I am very disappointed. Excellent features and extra covers with added peace of mind.

Life insurance gives you the confidence to live the life you want to live – knowing you’ve made plans to secure your family’s future. Is Needlestick cover built into Income Protection?


Discover what NRMA life insurance has to offer, including the numerous discounts available. Meaning, no claim will be paid if the life insured died as a result of taking their own life.

Cancel Reply Your Question.

Medicals were simple and was a smooth process. Asteron Life Complete products. Speak to Expert about the Asteron Policy. A choice sateron waiting periods to help you manage affordability. How long has Asteron been operating for? In Asteron was rebranded as Asteron Life.

Asteron Insurance Reviews – customer ratings and reviews | Insurance Watch Australia

Adviser Website login WealthSolutions login. Despite me having to truthfully answer ‘YES’ to a couple of the automatic disqualification questions, they took my individual circumstances into account and approved the benefit. Your voluntary participation in any criminal activity. Cover when and where you need it – 24 hour worldwide cover. How does someone who has been through so much come out the other side with a smile on their face?

Customer reviews are in no way affected by any commercial relationships Life Insurance Direct has with providers on the list. Full security for me and my family and I proudly recommend AsteronLife to my friends and colleagues.

We reveal all the benefits and exclusions you need to know about before making a decision.

Your benefit will be paid if your claim is successful. Please describe your overall experience with this insurer. Asteron provides you with a Guaranteed Future Insurability benefitso you can increase your cover without having to provide additional medical information. Asteron Life Insurance products: We are actively looking to change insurers asap. Their products are designed to focus on the positive benefits life insurance provides customers, giving them freedom from the challenges life might throw at them.


The only real difference is that Asteron Life customers will be contacting TAL to change or cancel their policy, instead of Asteron Life. For more zsteron contact the Financial Services Council on 02 local call costemail info lige.

Write a Review on Asteron Life. Apart from the bi-annual fee notices, there have been no information on updates to the policy or whether there is something better they suggest.

Asteron Life Complete Income Protection Covers

It’s when the cover that you and your adviser placed with us really kicks in. TAL will maintain the Asteron brand, and current policies will remain unchanged. You can find important updates to your Asteron Life Complete policy. What are you presently able to pay in premiums astedon is this sustainable in the long-term?

Partial payments for when you are able to work but your income is reduced. They encourage members to lead healthier lives by providing them with immediate domplete, such as premium discounts. Happy that I am being treated as a family member always as and when I have a question. Own Occupation Disablement Definition. I’ve never heard of them. Now known as Asteron Life, reinforcing their vision that life should be celebrated.