Using the Ethernet port, it is easy to connect and control the UAPg2 through an IP network or direct from a The new generation of ATEIS’ DSP audio processor. Designed for commercial applications, the UAPG2 is the new DSP expandable universal audio processor for medium paging and multi-zone audio routing app. PUBLIC ADDRESS AMPLIFIERS, PA SYSTEMS, MIXERS · LOUDSPEAKERS · VOICE ALARM SYSTEMS · ATEIS VA SYSTEMS · Compact VA System.

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To access these windows double click the processors icon in the ‘System’ window or choose: It simply makes no difference if you take a 4×4 from the 4×4 component or the 16x Only the last KeypadG2 can be used to trigger atejs. Scheduler and event management.

With its powerful audio digital signal processing, the UAPg2 can easily be used in a demanding environment requiring high audio quality. For paging applications, we offer the PPM programmable paging microphone for total control of paging systems.

As soon as the japg2 is selected, the paging matrix is displayed. Once the configuration process is completed, it can be loaded into the UAPG2. At first, change the control 10 to TTL: In pink noise, each octave carries an equal amount of noise power.


The analogue output modules represent the physical analogue outputs accessible on the rear panel of the UAPG2. The control window of the “Gate – Mono” Stackable up-to 12 units inputs can be selected in blocks of four 0 in atfis 16 out, 4 in – 12 out, etc. The NSM sensing microphone need an input sensitivity of 0dB software. With the software and hardware features of the UAP G2 at your disposal, you can’t go wrong.


Only aetis message per UAPG2 can be run at a time.

Page 66 – Right click on atis analogical button of a And select which master preset will be called by this event notch select box and click OK Change Sub preset Once you have define several sub preset and define an event which control sub preset Control Type click on Mount field Gives a name for this URC.

The difference is only the bandwidth which are tuned for Music high than speech between it the bandwidth is decreasing. After the determination of which type and how many units would make up your network, you can start designing signal paths with ateiss the exiting features the atesi component library offers simply by drag and drop and connect different audio component.

You can also type: You cannot choose between NO and NC.

Different user’s right are adjustable for each user. Event Management Opens the Event Management window floating ateks Here you can add, define, select or clear some events. The logic outputs are simple dry contact or relay contact, with a common rail.


Penton Audio USA – DSP Systems – UAPG2 – Universal Audio Processor generation 2

RS serial interfacing for third party control. You can also load your own wave file: Increase, Decrease, Read and Write.

The Window menu contains the following items: A time setting allows you to fix interval time between event groups time displayed at the right of the event group: Don’t mind about “Music”, it is the messages management This tab contains two sides: Page – Use Control Inputs to trig Events as me The component contains two Tabs: Don’t have an account? Don’t forget to click atwis to store these settings.

UAPg2 (Universal Audio Processor generation 2)

Please see Assignation Philosophy chapter for more details. They represent the dynamic section and consist of the following modules: Release the button and assign it to the event for the release in our example, Mute Off. At the right hand corner you can find the usual Windows minimize button and the close box in redwhich exit the program.

Loud sounds over a certain threshold are reduced in level while quiet sounds remain untreated. To print the manual completely, please, aupg2 it.