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AutoMapa 6.8.1 FINAL EU iso

Hide local roads at the distance – specifies the scale for hiding lower grade roads. By default, all components will be installed on the memory card. Enter the postal code and a list of corresponding locations will be displayed. The memory is not formatted after battery discharge, but it is formatted after a hard reset. By formatting the card before the installation, you may significantly speed up the operation of the program.

The sections which the user unblocked are shown on the map in a different colour.

The same applies to system operation on a PC: Access to this menu requires registration in the Miplo. Run the installer downloaded from http: It can be used to warn the user of dangerous points or traffic radars on the route.

AutoMapa FINAL EU iso

System Manage screen and power – prevents software from blanking the screen or entering the sleep mode when in navigation or tracking mode. The settings shown at the rightside of the screen should be interpreted as follows: After reading its contents, ihstrukcja the OK button located at the bottom left corner of the screen to continue.


After reaching the destination, the demonstration starts once again. Route type Option for selecting one of six route types not all available in simplified mode. This option may display the entire route, route information or the first manoeuvre on the given route with the pilot panelalternatively, the map view may instrukcjja unmodified.

The points have a bold frame around, and the map zoom changes in order to display them clearly. Car details 2 On this screen the user can choose to include the restrictions for truck vehicles. The section below describes the full version of the menu screen.

By default, the 3D map view mode is activated. They have been marked with the exclamation mark in addition. The second message will be played at the set number of seconds before the manoeuvre. If the user wants to browse the master category contents, they must click the icon. The scale threshold and the number of displayed categories should be selected carefully to make sure that POI icons do not obstruct the map view.

Instrukcja Obslugi Vw Polo 9n Pdf Instrukcja Polo 9n

The system will go into map display mode. For details about this option, refer to section POI Warnings. The most popular are the ones delivering information instrukcjja the locations of speed cameras and traffic obstructions.

The map revolves automatically to show the largest possible area in the travelled direction, and the user’s present position is shown at the bottom of the screen. Functions available on the automxpa Blocked areas are shown in the screens above. Software also enables the user to block entire areas.

ہمارے بلاگرز

After selecting a category, you can easily delete selected POIs, unstrukcja the category icon disappears, only to be replaced with a recycle bin. Nor did he have any idea ibstrukcja the man than of bolts that flung his arm and head in or was not sure why. The Traffic Lane Assistant for Poland was introduced in 6. This means that the program installed on the card will also work on other devices with the same operating system, unless you reinstall only the software for the second device.


POI Warnings 4 In the second screen of warning settings you can specify whether software will warn of POI located near the route specifying the maximum distance in which POIs are detected by the routewhether they are located in the direction of driving specifying the angle and radius of POI detection in the direction of driving, where the bigger the angle and radius, the more POIs will activate the warning system.

You can also add a short description. This option does not apply to off-road or walking routes. MiploSync enables the data on new speed cameras and tens of thousands other POIs to be updated both when navigating and at home.

To recover the above components, run the installation program and reinstall those components. Report a loss Here one will find the atomapa of insurance companies along with current contact phone numbers.

Blocked sections can be saved to file, read in, added from a file or imported from previous system versions. The results are listed in instrukccja order of the nearest to the most distant objects.

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