Bentley AutoPLANT Piping XM Edition is an object-based 3D piping design and modeling The software enables users to interactively route and place piping. 3d Modeling enhances Quality. AutoPLANT Piping V8i provides 3D modeling capabilities through ObjectARX technology, using 3D objects to represent. Bentley AutoPLANT Piping XM Edition is an object-based 3D piping design and modeling application that runs on AutoCAD. . PDMS Piping Tutorial. Uploaded .

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After running AutoPipe, the line should be component and look like this. Just select the Equipment Primitive that was placed. If the Auto Insert is set, then the program will place the component into the drawing as close as to were it was before. In this case, the flange on the upper left was rebuilt tutrial, that is why that one is so close to its original location. Once piping is fully loaded, go to the Assembly Manager and select the new Assembly.

There is also an option to change an existing Centerline’s properties, which is the Edit Centerline Preferences. Once all the components are selected, press Enter to end the select. Of course, not all of the specs are that easy to find. If the Prompt is selected, then the program will ask for location points just like if you were placing the component from the aautoplant command.

In a new project, the first thing that has to be done in Document Manager is to create the model. As a quick note, a good example of how the Anchoring effects components can be seen here.

Conclusion This concludes the Basic Modeling blog. A full understanding of Centerline Routing will help a long way into working with this feature. Now the equipment can have Nozzles placed on it and connected to piping. When starting a Centerline Router, the program will first request ;iping preferences that will be used for this line, unless using “From Dialog” which will ask if Router Line Info should be turned on or not.

Select the LB flange and press OK to continue. Think of it as a base for the Equipment or main part. Drawing Access Mode When loading a model, some users may notice the following dialog appear – This dialog is called when Drawing Access Mode is turned on.


Another way to fix this would be to run the Consistency Checker in the 2D Browser to locate what tags changed and then manually change the components Tags to match to new ones.

In image, the message says “Status: Similar to how Component Preferences setups the components, the Centerline Properties tells the program what options to use when placing the components on the centerline. Select the desired one and the program will next request the location for this nozzle on the equipment. Share Subscribe by email More Tuforial.

This allows users to move the location of the pipe and even re tutorkal the line to a point. Sometimes, a dialog called “Bentley AutoFit Resolver” will appear that looks similar to this. Most of the options in this menu are self explained, with the exception of Drawing Access Mode which will be covered later.

AutoPLANT Piping – Tips and Tricks

To load a module, just select the module from the Available Modules list, pick the desired option, and then hit either OK or Apply. This includes the below options. After doing hitting the OK, one will see that the AutoCAD object changes color to match the set color of the Equipment, by default this would be green. Once this is select, the Nozzles properties dialog will be displayed just as the Drums was.

It allows the user to review the changes made. Adding the Nozzle is very similar, just drag and drop the nozzle in to the Model space area of the drawing.

Basic Modeling in AutoPLANT

Press Enter to select the insertion point. It allows the user to load a model into a Configuration rather then loading it into the Project.

From there, just select the desired value, in this case the Size will be changed to 4. CS — MENU Allows tytorial to quickly select a component from a spec record and place it Settings for the component are determined by what is in Component preferences.

There are a few other options that this tool allows if one right clicks on a component.


The only complete way to fix this is to remove the equipment and nozzle and then replace them. From Dialog Requests points to start the centerline, then brings up a dialog for more control over the centerline placement From Points The user picks points in the model and the centerline is generated from these points. This can come out fine, and the program will try to make it that way, but it all depends on the angle of the components and the order in which it is rebuilt.

This can be easily fixed by adding the Relationships into Component Preferences. Good auto;lant when a centerline is needed in pipe that has already been placed No mater which option is used to place the Centerline, each can have the same tools used with them.

Modeling Process Now that all the projects setup is done, the drafters should be ready to being drawing the Models that are going to be included in the project. To being using the “2D to 3D” tool, load Piping or Equipment.

Also, location Nozzles can be a big help when using User Defined Equipment. This will bring up the following dialog box. Creating FrontPage Tasks The task view allows you to add information about what you want to accomplish when creating your Web site. In this image the ball valve is anchored, notice how the centers of the 4 in the light blue and the center of the 6 in the gray are in the same location – If the anchor is turned off on this component, here is the results – Notice that center of the Rebuilt valve is offset from the center of the original one.

This would include typical angles such as a simple olet that connects at a 90 to a pipe.

AutoPLANT Piping – Tips and Tricks – ppt video online download

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Here is an example of this. Piping works a little different in the 2D Browser then Equipment.