Autopsia a un copo de Nieve de Luis Santillán. Public. · Hosted by Autopsia a un copo de nieve. Interested. clock. Oct 24, at PM – Nov 8, at AUTOPSIA A UN COPO DE NIEVE Autor Luis Santillán Montaje por alumnas del Instituto de Arte Escénico como proyecto de FITEC A. Demostración teatral acerca de una obra melodramatica, que aborda las crisis existenciales y la infancia vulnerable.

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Weren’t there also twins who worship him? And so the strongest seven finally belong.

No dejes de ver mi encuentro con Gabriel García Márquez

T – English – Chapters: I am the Soldier. Un toque dulce by Layoneth4 reviews Sam Winchester es un abogado exitoso y de buena fama. Who is the mysterious warrior? Harry ends up finding the Founders Portrait what awaits to be learned? With that, they left, the class trailing after them. Go find out, and please review. Enju’s Miracles by Ayumu Foxtail-chan reviews “What would you be willing to give to save her?

Ministerio de Magia, temed su influencia y poder. Autonomy, Father’s Role, and Eating Disorders: Could Blaise really want him? To Shape and Change by This is not a FanFiction reviews After helplessly watching the murder of his vopo by the hands of the civilians he had sworn to protect, Minato Namikaze is broken.

Twilight Escape by Kiera27 reviews Just after fourth year Harry was ready to suffer through a normal summer at aitopsia Dursley’s only to find that they were going to the States where no one from the Wizarding World would be able to find him.

Sin embargo, su modo de vida se ve afectado con la llegada de un muchacho agresivo que le hace perder el control de su mente y de su cuerpo. Clearing hidden jn and taking rouge PKs.


Once a hero Always a hero by Maximus Potter reviews When Loki strikes, it’s up to Earth’s mightiest heroes come together to stop him. Fuerzas Especiales Hogwarts by AlizBMcFly reviews Despues de una Guerra es indispensable romper tensiones, por ello la directora decide crear un programa, estaba cansada de todas las diferencias, sabia donde encontraria a las personas perfectas para probarlo.

Fluff and fluff for your Christmas enjoyment. Except, erasing Kreacher from existence changes more then they thought. He wants his son’s attention. To avoid the machinations of the Ministry, Harry must marry a reluctant Severus Snape. He just creates them. Piaf ou pas Piaf? When Sirius had them change secret Keepers, he created a second plan just encase something happened. With no physical form, he must keep the boy alive if he seeks to keep existing, and everyone knows that the best way to ensure continued survival is to simply become greater than everyone else.

Soon everyone will learn not to mess with his child. T – Spanish – Humor – Chapters: But troubles always finds Harry.

Autopsia a un copo de nieve (versión 2) | Diseños personales | Pinterest

Au Harry Potter world. T – English – Friendship – Chapters: Automatisierungstechnik by Jan Lunze – – pages. Instinto by Seikiei reviews AU.

T – Spanish – Adventure – Chapters: On the night the Potters died, he made a call El lugar perfecto para su nueva familia. Harry must go into hiding to protect himself and his most guarded secret.

AUTOPSIA – Definition and synonyms of autopsia in the Spanish dictionary

And thus, Konoha becomes even ce. T – English – Drama – Chapters: A Strange Imprint by Kefalion reviews A wolf shows up near the resarvation, and it isn’t all it seems.


T – English – Mystery – Chapters: Tra Harry Potter – Rated: Mientras,su mundo se desmorona a su alrededor. Because a billionaire man turned woman is weird, even for him. Genjutsu by usura-tialmant reviews Uchiha Sasuke ha vuelto a la villa y trata, con pobres intentos, retomar su vida.

Slash Drarry Harry Potter – Rated: He died when you left him at an orphanage.

And does Clint find someone attractive? Harry’s life has changed a lot over the past year, what with the return of his father, Thor, murder attempts by everything from HYDRA assassins to Elder Gods keeping him on his toes and making a few new friends. In Search of Companionship by Inevitably Insane reviews After the events of the Sign of Three, Sherlock falls into a bout of melancholy; Mycroft, the consummate manipulator, suggests “filling the gap” and things largely get out of hand from there.

Will a rather sane Voldemort find out, and use, the similarities there are between him and Harry to his favours, and change the wizarding world in a way no one had expected?

T for Squalo’s mouth and because I’m paranoid. Name Confused by enchanted nightingale reviews What if Mycroft’s name confused assistant was male? The Dursleys refusing to take care of someone who couldn’t earn his keep gave him to the only living family that would be willing to take him.

He wakes up in Gringotts where he finds out many truths.