Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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So the implementor of the module does not have complete freedom how the configuration classes are chosen for each individual configuration parameter.

Specification of ECU Configuration

Typically, this is a vendor specific module configuration. Since the following chapters assume familiarity with the contents of these two work products, they are shortly introduced in the following sections. This configuration class provides a modular approach to the configuration process. BSW module configuratioj must support configuration of these standardized parameters. Currentlfy, only informal definition of the formula is supported. The SignalPosition has attributes itself and also references to other elements in the System Description Template.

Those editors may operate with user interaction, semi automatically or automatically, depending on module and implementation. Due to the flexibility that has to be achieved by the configuration language the configuration description is divided into two parts: Link Type reference to instance Description Table 3. A valid EcuConfiguration needs to reference the System description provided as an ecuExtract [7] that specifies the environment in which the configured ECU operates.

Tool suppliers have a high degree of freedom in the approach their tools may take to ECU Autoear. Those have been just three short examples how a calculationFormula might be composed. This parameter may only be set to true if all of the following conditions hold: The recommendedConfiguration contains parameter values recommended by the BSW module vendor.


There are two specializations of a container definition. In every case, the ECU Configuration Description is expected to be the point of reference, the backbone of the process.

Specification of ECU Configuration

Link Type container Container Configuration of parameters can be done in any of these process-steps: First, each Identifiable has to have a machine readable shortName. The preconfiguredConfiguration contains values for those parameters which are fixed by the implementation and cannot be changed. Two containers of type Confoguration are specified as part of the module definition. With this feature functions like callbacks can be specified.

Otherwise both attributes are shown. The object defining the SymbolicNameReferenceDef is the user and the destination of the reference is the provider of the symbolic name.

The implementation on the other hand fixes the configuration class for each parameter, and the corresponding value chosen must be specified.

These tools can be optimized to the particular task of configuring one BSW module and would likely be quite powerful. To understand this chapter, the reader should be familiar with [8].

Definition of the languag used to specify the formula in attribute calculationFormula. With the ability to establish relationships between containers and parameters and the means to specify references, the definition of parameters has enough power for the needs of the ECU Configuration.

Compositions are depicted by a solid line with a solid diamond on the end of the aggregating element. Link Type 1 aggregation calculation Calculation 1 Language Language aggregation Description Definition of the formula used aufosar calculate fs value of the configuration element.

For each BSW module, a generator reads the relevant parameters from conciguration ECU Configuration Description and creates code that implements the specified configuration, as shown on the right hand side of figures 2. Therefore the Container substitutes the choice container directly in the parameter description.

Nevertheless the ChoiceContainerDef is reflected within the path of the definition of the Container. With the two attributes lowerMultiplicity and upperMultiplicity the minimum and maximum occurrence of the configuration confiyuration is specified.


Two different approaches are shown. Parameter description [ecuc sws ] All inherited metamodel classes representing an ECU Configuration Value specify an attribute value that stores the configuration value in XML-based description.

It contains values for those configuration parameters and containers defined in the Vendor Specific Module Definition that are fixed by the implementation of the module. BSW Modules have standard interfaces and configuration requirements. As defined for the M2 datatype Identifier, the shortName needs to be unique within the namespace it is declared in. The upperMultiplicity of that container may confituration equal or less to what is defined in the StMD.

In most cases, this categorization ends up in a subset of information which is configuraton for an object of the category in question.

Link Type Description 1 reference Exactly one reference to an parameter container is allowed as destination. The method for generating these bit IDs is published in the standard and the effectiveness and uniqueness of the IDs is not in practice disputed. Nevertheless tools need the knowledge about ECU Configuration Parameters and their constraints such as configuration class, value range, multiplicities etc.

The ECU Configuration Description may be on one hand the input format for other configuration tools within a tool-chain of several configuration editors and on the other hand it is the basis of generators. Class Configuation Class Desc.

The concept is open to be implemented as XML files as well as in databases.