Awan a South Asian Zamindar tribe, putatively of Arab origin, living The Ferozsons Urdu-English Dictionary lists the Awans as a tribe whose name is of Arabic.

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The Awans subscribe to the belief that they are xast descendants of the fourth Caliph, Ali though the bulk of those belonging to the tribe are not Shiasand as such, a number adopt the title, Alvi — particularly those who migrated from East Punjab to Pakistan – although not all of those who refer to themselves as Alvi are Awans. As a dominant tribe the eastern limits of their position coincide approximately with the western border of the Chakwal and Pind Dadan Khan tahsils, but they have also spread eastwards along the foot of the hills as far as the Sutlej, and southwards down that river valley into Multan and Jhang.

Malik is the honorary title of the Awan clan. Like the KassarsJanjuas and Khokharsbut unlike the Ghakkarsthe Awans have the institution awwn sirdariwhereby the eldest son of a chief gets an extra share.

Retrieved from ” http: Furthermore, she states that Qutab Shah fled to the subcontinent along with a small group of people due to Mongol attacks and joined the court of Iltutmish.

Its population is concentrated in the districts of RawalpindiAttockChakwalJhelumSargodhaKhushab particularly the Soon ValleyMianwali ] Awan tribes residing here are believed to have been the sole occupants of the Mianwali Salt Range for nearly six hundred yearsGujranwalaHafizabadGujratSialkotNarowaland Layyah and is also scattered throughout the rest of Punjab.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Legend has it that their origins go back to Imam Ali and his second wife, Hanafiya. These include figures such as: As claiming descent from Qutb Shah the Awans are often called Qutb-shahi, and sometimes style themselves Ulami. He also considers the Awans to be of Arabian origin and traces their lineage to Ali, but according to him, Abdullah Rasul Mirza was the remote ancestor of the Awans; in the eighth century, he was made a commander of the army of Ghaur by Caliph Harun al-Rashid, the title of Awan being conferred upon him, and his descendants consequently being called Awans.

Baab Ul Awan

Conversely, there are also those who support the Awan claim to Arab ancestry. Talbot’s assessment of the Awans, Rose also commented: Few of these look like Muhammadan patronymics. Threads for this page. On a rural level, Awans historically were of the zamindar or landowning class [5] and many Awan families to this day live on and cultivate land, which their ancestors have held for centuries. Other theories have been adduced by the Awans regarding their origins, but most of these hypotheses also point to the tribe being descended from Awon Qutab Shah, who entered the Indian subcontinent as part of a military campaign and traced his bloodline to Ali R A.


But in Gujrat the Khurara clan comprises 21 sub-divisions, including such names as Jalap and Bhakri: A number of Awan villages also exist next to Lahore along the Indo-Pak border where many Awans settled after migrating from East Punjab in following partition.

Awan (tribe) – Wikipedia

In some families at least, prominent Awans not infrequently take to wife women of low tribes usually having an Awan wife alsoand this practice does not seem to meet with as much disapproval as in most other tribes of equal social standing: The originally Hindu character of these names is patent, and not explained away by the tradition that Chauhan and Khokhar took their mother’s name.

Whereas Ahmad Hasan Dani claimed that the Awans were, in fact, indigenous to Northern Punjab, and might well be the ancient Abanii mentioned by Greek and Roman travelers and historians. But in the best available account of the tribe 4 the Awans are indeed said to be of Arabian origin and descendants of Qutb Shahbut he is said to have ruled Herat and to have joined Mahmud of Ghazni when he invaded India.

Retrieved from ” https: Malik is one of the names of Allah”King” in the absolute sense. Awan soldier in battle uniform.

A smaller portion of the tribe resides in Azad Kashmir and to a lesser extent also present in the Pakistani provinces irdu Sindh and Balochistan. According to Rose not only are the Awans of Arabian origin, he also accepted that they are indeed the descendants of Qutab Shah. Awankari is also a dialect of Punjabi.

According to Denzil Ibbetson, the Awans may well have accompanied the forces of Babur and the Awans of Jalandhar, who claimed to have shifted from the Salt Range at the behest of one of the early Emperors of Delhi, were particularly notable for being in the imperial service at Delhi.

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Post a new thread. In Peshawar the Awans are included in the hamsaya or faqir class. In Kohat towards Khushalgarh they resemble the Awans of the Salt Range, but elsewhere in that District are hardly distinguishable from the Bangash and Niazais among whom they live. The Awans are descendents of eleventh century ruler of HeratQutab Shah. This page was last edited on 3 Mayat See under Awan for the history of Maliks in Punjab.


Cunningham looked upon the Awans as a Rajput clan, whereas Kaul was of the opinion that the tribe was of either Jat or Rajput origin, pointing to the fact that in Sanskrit, the term Awan means “defender” or “protector” and asserting that this title was awarded by surrounding tribes due to the Awans successfully defending their strongholds against aggression.

The word Awan is not unplausibly derived from Ahwan’helper,’ 2 but various explanations of its origin are given. They were prominent in the armies of the Slave Dynasty and the Khilji dynasty during the Delhi Sultanate period. As in the case of the Sikhs, recruiting authorities showed a clear bias in favour of the dominant histoory tribes of the region, and recruitment of Punjabi Muslims histort limited to those who belonged to tribes of high social standing or reputation – the ‘blood proud’ and once politically dominant aristocracy of the tract.

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The loading family among the Awans is that of the Malik of Kalabaghand throughout the Jhelum Salt Range they have numerous maliks 1 notably Lal Khan of Nurpur in Pind Dadan Khan, head of the Shial descendants of Shihan, a great malik in the latter part of the eighteenth century. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Ethnic groupssocial groups and tribes of the Punjab. In the Awan villages of Talagang tahsil all the rudu have a vertical slab at either end, while a woman’s grave aqan be at once distinguished by a smaller slab in the centre.