There are a few badminton terms that you should be familiar with, even if it is a casual badminton game. Terminologies Alley – the extension of the court by 1 1/2 ft. on both sides for doubles play. Back Alley – the area between the back boundary line. Basic strokes. There are many strokes in badminton; below is a list of basic strokes, which is divided into strokes played from the forecourt.

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In singles, out of these two lines, the one badmibton the outside determines the end of the court, that is the singles long service line.

Birdie lands out of bounds.

Common Badminton Terms

Walk over – When a player is unable to play or did not show up for a match, it’s a walk over. Fault – A violation of the playing rules, either in serving, receiving, or during play. Treminologies A netshot is played into the opponent’s forecourt, as close to the net as possible.

An illegal stroke in which the shuttle is not hit, but caught and held on the racket before being released; also called a “sling” or “throw”. Back court — the termibologies third of the court, in the area of the back boundary lines.

Badminton: Terminologies

Please Like me on Facebook. Serve is made when standing in wrong service box. Long service line – In singles, the back boundary line. This list does not include every possible stroke, but only the strokes that are commonly played from that part of the court. Badminton Rules and Regulations. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A rubber game is the third and deciding game in a badminton match.


A tournament referee is not an umpire. Softball Rules and Regulations. trminologies

Speed and stamina – Training is about speed and stamina. This area of the court is also called a back alley by badminton players. Nowadays, the frame is usually made of boron, graphite, carbon, or ceramic. Defer and make the other team serve first. A rally starts as bbadminton as the server performs the service. How to Swim Faster.

The exchange of shots that decides each point. Match — a series of games to determine a winner. Smash — a hard-hit overhead badmibton that forces the shuttle sharply downward. Overhand Clear — overhand stroke driving the birdie high. Carry — an illegal tactic, also called a sling or a throw, in which the shuttle is caught and held on the racket and then slung during the execution of a stroke.

Underhand Clear — underhand stroke driving the birdie high. If you answer yes to both these questions then this is a must for you.

Badminton has a rich history and its future looks even brighter! This width is reduced to 5. Clear – A shot hit deep bdaminton the opponent’s back boundary line. It is similar to the drive, except there is less pace in your shot. The stroke used to put the shuttlecock into play at the start of each rally; also called a “service”. Smashing with full power. Attack – Usually means smashing everything and forcing your opponent to make mistakes.


Prev post Next post. Have you been to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Plastic shuttles – Don’t play with those things.

Basic Badminton Terms and Their Meaning to Enjoy the Game Better

Back from Tterminologies Terms to Badminton Rules. Net drive, net push, net lift These strokes are all the same as their midcourt counterparts, which are described below.

The strings are made up of either synthetic or natural material. Television brings the action, the excitement, and the explosive power of badminton into homes around the world. Badminton, a sport played with rackets and shuttlecocks, is a popular game today. How to Grip a Badminton Racket. Here, the shuttlecock just clears the net, and lands etrminologies beyond the short service line. As a result, the service area is split into two blocks. By coincidence, Gloucestershire is now the base for the International Badminton Federation.