Cradle of the Moon is set after the Alicization arc ends! In case you do not want to spoil yourself, please do not read it! Especially with the story. Actually, Sword Art Online was licensed for English language by Yen Press. So, to prevent legal disputes, Baka Tsuki took it down from there sites. If you search. The Baka-Tsuki translation aggregate has declared the Sword Art Online project to be “Abandoned”. All SAO-related material, save the page.

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It was so excruciatingly painful the last few hours before it came online. I’m really grateful for the help here.

We know it’s bzka. I don’t think that it is really a plot hole, as aria is a side story, but then again, recently I have been feeling like Kawahara has been giving them too much time together in side stories, if they were in a group of seven in aria, it would have been much better I believe. In my opinion,if it’s allowed,please include the ME1. I carefully onlins the names 1 katakana at a time.

I will agree with you, bbaka is a pretty bad plot hole since you gotta think about it a lot to find a reason. However, there may be some information about the Dengeki Bunko release accidentally obtained by reading this, so I would like readers to take these points in consideration when reading. And as I neither have seen anything about a SAO-manga existing up till now nor am able to read japanese, I just thought I’d ask here.


Just wondering why is that? Still, I’m warming up to the ep 2 now. Also, he posts his translation progression in the forums, in a portfolio.

I really swore this. Don’t come out yet!! Not the novel itself. And they cut out a lot of stuff.

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Most but not all of the volumes of the ME series are side stories. Alright, I was just trying to get my point across, I will be sure to watch it, and I may be disappointed, but Adt also might not, who knows?

This is the first book in the light novel series sword art online. I can get them being at the level of formal acquaintances till that point.

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Honestly, I don’t want to shift the blame here nor try to explain myself since I suppose none of you would want to hear me out, so I’ll take responsibility for this. However, from what I see from the comments, no one else needs it really. On a closing note, please take this less personally, Ping. Really waiting for Ep3! Out of nowhere, a big butterfly appeared, returning to enjoy the silence; it happily danced in the corridor.

The paper-thin armor was made of silver, and was of the “Sacred” Armor Class, not many of which were expected to be in the Human World.

I wish you good luck on everything! As for how far chapter 6 has gotten: In any case i got my information from episode titles, i was told this from a friend but i have no reason to doubt it as i knew the episode 3 title was Red-Nosed Reindeer since before episode 1, episode 4 is supposedly Baoa Swordsman and such and such. The Back and Next is nice extra.


If you’ll accept me, you could send me an unedited text from something to test my skills if required. Her head turned on reflex. I find that I understand new things each time I read them like foreshadowings, predictions, etc. She’s a third-year in junior high school and is a part of the Kendo club. Well there’s not much in Reindeer so let’s hope they don’t cut things out this time. Together, they went through the crowd, keeping their heads down and saying ‘excuse me, excuse me’.

Sword Art Online:Progressive

I fail to see how that’s a reason though as the special with Kirito meeting Asuna was inserted after we went past those event. Each and swodr person goes through stories more than once, either due to the aforementioned reasons or just because they want to read through it again. I’m almost done cleaning all the pictures though, but I gotta sleep now.

That’ about as far as I went, haha He wrote the first arc aincrad arc intended to submit it in a contest, but due to page limit, he decided to scrapped the idea and posted it on his website instead. But I don’t like the fact that they removed so much.