COMIST 72) to run fan and a electric .. COMIST 72 N HEAVY OIL BURNERS SECTION .. Baltur reserves the right to change them without previous notice. baltur® Oil Burners are available as Gas, Light Oil, Heavy Oil and Dual Fuel. Industrial Units Available . COMIST 72 DSPGM. – COMIST DSPGM. 1) Noise levels measured in the Baltur laboratories by means of microphone positioned 1 metre behind the burner running on test boiler, at COMIST 72 N.

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If you smell gas: We advise regulating in such a way as to obtain a flame bright orange in colour. Check that the main line, the relevant switch with fuses essential and the current limiter if required are capable of withstanding the maximum current absorbed by the burner. However, the relative instructions are contained in the appropriate chapter. It is advisable to electrically weld the stud bolts to the internal part of the plate to avoid extracting them together with the unit s locking nuts, should be burner be disassembled.

Normally, intervention of the TRU thermostat takes place within the pre-ventilation time commist seconds ; if it doesn t, pre-ventilation and fuel oil pre-circulation are extended until the intervention of the TRU thermostat. Deviation of the two rods from the closing seat, now permits the fuel to enter the nozzle at the pressure at which the pump has been regulated at 20 22 barand comes out of the nozzle adequately atomized. Ateliers de Provence – Coquelicot Category: Conclusions and Future works!


If not, replace it.

Gear pump with pressure regulator. For further information, see the Viscosity-Temperature Diagram with to the type of oil used.

Reflexive verbs In this presentation, we are going to look at a special group of verbs called reflexives. I wash my clothes, I wash the dishes, I wash the car, I wash the windows.

Baltur BT 75 DSG 3V Brülör – Kullanma Kılavuzu – Sayfa –

The increase in fuel delivery is determined by a disk with a varied profile which, by rotating, can determine a greater compression of the return pressure regulator spring and thus an increase in the pressure itself.

The minimum thermostat must close at the minimum temperature indispensable in order to obtain good atomisation viscosity at the nozzle should not exceed 2 E. Obviously these adjustments should be carried out when the burner is operating at maximum delivery desired. An ominpolar switch in accordance with current safety regulations is required for the mains supply connection.

In such case get in touch with only qualified technicians. The first part of this lesson consists in this audio lesson, and then we have some grammar for you.


Centrepay baltyr la manera sencilla de pagar sus facturas y gastos. The control box cyclic relay of the burner is therefore connected by the regulation thermostat of the pre-heater when it excludes the resistances by disinserting the relative relay. Before installation it is advisable to carry out careful internal cleaning of all tubing for the fuel feed system to remove any residues that could jeopardise the proper working of the burner.

Any other use must be regarded as improper use and hence dangerous. List several things that you can wash.


Baltur BT 75 DSG 3V Brülör

I wash my hands, I wash my hair, I wash my face. This time can be extended theoretically indefinitely because a special device in the electric circuit does not allow the ignition programme to be carried out until the temperature of the fuel in the nozzle return pipeline has reached the temperature at which the TRU thermostat thermostat on the nozzle return has been set. Gran Bretagna – Por favor, haga clic en la liga de la etapa. The power supply cable for the equipment not must be replaced by the user.

Heating and sanitary hot water production. This provides flexibility, while allowing multiple devices to be vomist without the. Heating and sanitary hot water production for Mehr Marjan residential complex, Tehran — Iran.

If in doubt do not use the equipment and return it to the supplier. Hot oil circulation, as described above, is carried out at a pressure value slightly higher some bar than the minimum pressure at which the return pressure regulator has been set 10 12 bar. Do not block ventilation openings in the room where there is gas equipment or dangerous situations may arise with the build up of toxic and explosive valtur. Also check that all the electrical connections carried out on the spot are in accordance with our electric wiring diagram.