Today we are sharing you a very good book for English Vocabulary. This book contains Barron’s word list with mnemonics which makes it very. Barrons Mnemonics: Tricks for Remember Barron Word List – Ebook written by Arjun Singh. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android. This Vocab Master list is prepared for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Services) for the admission in most of the top.

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Veer and steer are rhyming words.

A face of a demon as the warning Sign] woord Simplicity, narcissist-someone in love with themselves iii. Paean sounds like pain Cognitive means to know thus incognito means to hide Faint The boxer was faked out by his opponent’s feint. Monitor before to give warning in advance INDIA is the best!!!

Parents who Indulge in issues of there children and are very Gentle. Inherited through the genes. Hone sounds like horn or cone, and both horn r cone is sharp.

[PDF] Barron’s GRE + Vocabulary Mnemonics Tricks Free eBook – eReaders Forum

Telgu in telugu “murki” means dirty, so dirty is obviously dark muse-ponder, the source of an artist’s inspiration musky-having the odor of musk muster-gather, assemble. He unearthed some secrets about her; antonym: Decoy — cheat, trick, lure, bait, snare, entice Aggrandize Add details to, blow updramatize, embellish, embroider, lard, pad.


History We all remember “Sepoy Mutiny” of Beral is domestic but feral is not Domestic. Shift one’s position dismantle:: LONG something that is stretched out, drawn out. If I make use of your power forcefully then I am usurping. Indian read as moth as in dal moth namkeen served in Indian homes.

Ensconce sounds like the iskon temple Lord Krishna’s temple where one can settle himself peacefully comfortably. I am nesia but u arentl!

[PDF] Barron’s GRE 3500+ Vocabulary Mnemonics Tricks Free eBook

So, argot is a lingo only small group of people here goats can understand So you are called by your boss kind of court for punishment. So reptiles which fly THERE s a pit to make you fall.

Heritage is a wide conception that encompasses our natural, indigenous and historic or cultural inheritance. Ur making an oblique reference i. Mnemonics connect to-be-remembered meaning barroons words with a systematic and organized set of images or words that are already firmly established in long-term memory and can therefore serve as reminder cues.

Full text of ” Vocabulary Of Barrons With Mnemonic”

Or Enigma sounds like engine. Hindi de rogue – you always will have a low opinion of rogues 2. Actually this word came into use from the British rule. Finicky too particular; fussy; difficult to please; too concerned with unimportant details or quality; Ex.


Barrons Mnemonics Vocabulary Tricks e-book pdf download free

Arrogance Pride; haughtiness; ADJ. M-agni-3 is India’s longest range missile missive-letter d. So u don’t wish to do a thing wich causes boredom The gambling den was in shambles after the police had raided it.

A vantriloquist is an entertainer who can throw his voice in such a manner that it seems to be coming from a puppet, a vocalist refers to a singer Delta – at plain of mud or sand between branches of a river Fridge full of cockroaches.

Appease Pacify, soothe, assuageconciliategentlegruntlelenifymollifypacifyplacate Mnemonics: M-mollify sounds like nullify. When somel eats your energy as v say eat are head then your energy loses and u become weak or tired