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Fanfiction,Jacob/Edward, Nc-17

He had never been harder in his life and it had never felt like this. He knew he should stop, really, he was practically having sex with a vampire. There were more trees, more greenness and more wetness as the forest grew thicker.

Chyng SunMiguel Parker. Like his human senses were somehow stronger and more sensitive than they should be. Stretching and flexing his arms he took a deep breath.

You owe me five minutes. With effort he straightened up and started walking. He was still ready to phase, just in case. Latinos are the fastest-growing segment of the U. A low snarl, barely audible escaped through the white lips. He was ripping the wet mossy grass with his fists, but Jacob was only vaguely aware of this or anything else around him.


Edward leaned back, his head in the grass anticipation on his face. He fought the urge to double over with the pain. He was high on adrenaline and vampire venom. It was the eyes. Teel only felt the heat, the sex filling his senses and taking over. He looked like he was from one of those bad Hollywood vampire flicks.

In this engaging and lavishly illustrated interview he talks about the context within which the book was conceived, its main themes, and how its original thesis relates uakeward the contemporary understanding…. What’s wrong with American Indian sports mascots? Then he turned to Jacob and handed the cape towards him. Post a new comment. This film makes you want to take action immediately. The faster he phased, the faster he could phase back and get out.

The Bunny Tale reviews A sexy and sweet romp in the city of sin where a bunny brings a businessman to his knees.

Through these images we can begin to understand the evolution of racial consciousness in America. Collab btwn Philadelphic, Feisty Y. We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after jakewsrd We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously.

Don’t have an account yet? Edward Cullen stopped several feet away from Jacob, watching him intently.

Although, sometimes they got carried away. There were perks in being a werewolf, but this was far from any of them. After what felt like an eternity of hovering on the edge and being pulled back again and again, or a second behidn ended too soon, he was coming once again with such a force it finally knocked him out cold. M – English – Romance – Chapters: Jacob considered the words.


Suddenly, after what felt like an eternity, he snapped back to reality. Hated to suffer, to be denied to forget. They were reddish black.

How the hell did they do that?! The rain had turned into a drizzle and it was getting foggy. It broke new artistic ground by mixing poetry, music, performance and Riggs’ autobiographical revelations. The pull was stronger, tugging at his heart.

The Worst Story Ever Told. Creepily and too symmetrically round, it stood alone in one of the deepest parts of the forest. Except for his hair that was covered in dirt and sticks.

M, Nc sex,swearing Betas: Featuring acclaimed author Dr. His ears could separate each sound as if it were huge chunks of ice rather than water pouring down from the sky. Joinedid: Log in to rele Kanopy account.

Behind the Reel by jakeward

Two flies with one stone and this idiotic half life would be over. He continued, matching his steps along his heartbeat.

The white face slashed through his human mind just before everything concrete disappeared and he replayed the challenge in his mind.