Belimo’s SY series electric actuators have been designed to . (SY ) on/off, floating point. (SY SR) vdc. (SY MFT) vdc, mA. Belimo SYMFT, Factory Warranty, In Stock, Free Shipping, Email [email protected] , Buy Now at www. Complete installation recommendations can be found in Belimo’s Installation . Belimo SY Series actuators are NEMA 4X rated. Dimensions SYxMFT. L.

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Install the valve with the disc in the Almost Closed position Fig. If there is any question or request, please do not hesitate to contact dealer.

Be sure the line is depressurized and drained. Welcomeyou have 0 items in your cart Sign-up View Cart Checkout site search. Overview Configuration Installation Standpipes 50 2 20 0.

In a long term perspective the PC-Tool will not be supported.

Belimo Electric Actuator With Wheel Symft PSI .lbs 90nm | eBay

Installation Manual For Tutorials and Troubleshooting visit www. Two Bslimo to suit the application: Carefully follow installation using welded flanges on page 82 of this document. Valves may be tagged per customer specifi cation. No part of this publication may be reproduced. Override Multi-state Output[1] Override Control Override control is possible in analog or digital control. Green LED status indicator light sequence: The butterfly valve may not be operated without an actuator or gear operator if there is flow in the line.


Draught-free ventilation sy2-120mtt extremely quiet operation engineering for a better world GEA Heat Exchangers Draught-free ventilation and extremely quiet operation Low air speed in the cold room Integrated.

Please read and save this Repair Parts Manual.

Using the sequence, tighten the flange bolts evenly to assure uniform compression. In the absence of an actuator or gear operator, the butterfly valve might close and cause damage water hammer.


All real signals have scale factor This manual is applicable More information. If not in use, exercise the butterfly valve full open and close at least once a month. The PR actuator comes with an integrated potentiometer, therefore an adaptation is not necessary.

Printed in Canada This manual is provided for informational purposes only. Series includes models that.

Butterfly Valve Actuator

Hand tighten bolts as necessary. Before completing the tightening of any bolts, the valve should be centered between the beelimo and then carefully opened and closed to insure free, unobstructed disc movement. Never remove the valve without an Operator Manual or Automatic already attached to the valve shaft.


Exercise particular care in handling the valve so as to prevent possible damage to the disc or seat faces.

Part Number FHD+SYMFT, 2-Way Butterfly Valves – Resilient Seated On Belimo Americas (USA)

April Vendor Name: It can be used as a stand-alone machinery More information. The new butterfly valves are not suitable sy-2120mft these applications, due to longer pipes and the high pressure drops associated with them. Modulating 1 Choose the valve actuator combination. Any actuator should be mounted bdlimo the valve prior to installation to facilitate proper alignment of the disc in the valve seat.

Check flange bolting, actuator mounts and hangers for evidence of loosening and correct as needed. Protecting Your Human Assets During Emergency ex Series ematrix System The ex Series ematrix System is a fully integrated and versatile public address system which is designed distinctively to.