Bergdorf Blondes is the chick lit début novel of Plum Sykes, an English- born fashion writer and New York “it girl”. The book was released in hardcover on . Laura Barton on the girls about town in Plum Sykes’ Bergdorf Blondes. The reputation of the fairest of the fair sex gets another mauling in Plum Sykes’s label-strewn tale of husband-hunting, Bergdorf Blondes.

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There was a hilarious scene in “Bergdorf Blondes” involving a doomed book club meeting.

Bergdorf Blondes – Wikipedia

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What is wrong with me? However the protagonist finds that Charlie has left, giving her the impression that he was just using her like the other men she has dated. Plum’s tart, referred to only as ‘Moi’, is a glossy magazine writer by day and a pain in the butt by night. So to read something light and sweet doesn’t mean the reader is shallow, it means it is time for a sorbet, reading-wise.

I tried to look at it as a tongue in cheek tale, but there really wasn’t anything remotely funny about it. That’s what all analysis says in one form or another.

Could the narrator and author be unaware of the fact that such a treatment is available in London? Nope, I don’t feel bad about having given this ‘twist’ away. Quotes from Bergdorf Blondes.

There has already been quite a lot of bitchy stuff written in the press about Plum Sykes, author of Berhdorf Blondes, but this is a review, a serious piece of literary criticism, so let me begin by saying that I bllndes do not have a problem with her super, skinny-size 8 physique.

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Sadly, people like this probably exist. Honestly, it all requires a level of commitment comparable to, A very funny, light-hearted, astute and loving look at our Park Avenue Princesses. It’s almost embarrassing to even admit I read it, but as a follower of Sykes’ Vogue pieces, I felt I owed her poum bit of literary loyalty.

View all 3 comments. It was supposed to be ridiculous, it was supposed to be shallow and maddening. Several months later, I was shopping in Sephora and I happened upon an at-home version of the Alpha-Beta peel! Most people would probably say at this point, “What were you expecting, Camus?

It is not that this book is badly written, nor even that it is poorly plotted, although any reader who is not on hard blonds will be required to suspend disbelief to a quite mind-boggling syked. It was meant for the happy-go-lucky and feel good viewers who simply wanted some escapist literature on a dreary day. It’s passionate, exciting, but it generally indicates that you are pushing each other’s dysfunctional buttons. It blnodes entertaining to read about these women, especially in lieu of the fact that my lifestyle is incredibly different.

I get sad when some books end then excited seeing another story about them.

I would recommend this book ONLY to those of you who like this sort of thing. I may get the meanings through context clues, or through trusty old google. I can’t figure a work like that out, and I’m not even sure such a word excists.


Have blondes ever been so dumb?

The only part I specifically remember is calling a certain sexual act ‘getting tiramisu’ I will leave it up to you to discern what that means and texting a friend that Moi is getting said act, then said act ending abruptly when actor discovered what actee is up to.

Loved this book and the New York world of Park Avenue gals it spotlighted. I was sadly taken aback because this one was just too much for me. She dislikes work you only do it to ensure a steady flow of freebiesgetting up before Published May 4th by Miramax Books first published All the name brand dropping, events, beauty rituals, traveling – it was just fun to imagine and to dream of doing someday sans the name brand dropping.

I’ll definitely try one of those b This is the dumbest, most shallow book ever. Park Avenue princesses with ridiculous concerns, who plot how to get the best out of a sample sale at Chanel, Front Row Girls, muses, waiting lists for designer handbags, fundraisers to save ‘whatever’ and such wonderful and extremely quotable quotes that I was laughing out loud almost every page.

I’m fascinated at how people with such wealth and seemingly sophisticated lives could be, in reality, such trash.