I kind of think that’s the central point that Bertrand Russell is making we mistakes and perhaps save humanity from the triumph of stupidity?. -Bertrand Russell. “The Triumph of Stupidity” () in Mortals and Others: Bertrand Russell’s American Essays, (Routledge. DMCA. The Triumph of Stupidity by Palmas Gran Canaria, Aplicaciones Numéricas En Ingeniería, Enrique Fernández Perdomo, To Sila, Bertrand Russell V.

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What we have is a very watered down version of democracy – we elect officials every few years, but don’t really participate in law making or ratification. Russell’s essay is very flattering, until you realize the we that he terms “the best men of the present day” are probably not the we of Hacker News.

Wonder what Russell would say about the America of today, with the oligarchy entrenching itself to replace a democracy, a wide-scale militarization of the police, teh pogrom against Muslims in some southern states, the wholesale imprisonment of African Americans, and the popularity of near-fascist leaders like Donald Trump.

Companies do investments and allocation of capital to produce that technology. The Roman Empire did fall, and was followed by the Dark Ages.

The Triumph of Stupidity () | Hacker News

To russel cultural relativism is the claim that we have NO grounds for saying one set of values is superior to another. Most importantly, the U.

Indeed it was them, and not Arabs, who kept alive literacy and reintroduced it – along in cases with Christianity, to the West.

And then others will come and pick up bertrannd pieces. The German politics Luther lived under enabled him to contradict the Papacy without fear of punishment.

This particular part jumped out not least because the first sentence is highlighted: One could argue that compromise is voluntary whereas, trivially, coercion is not, but this just discards a large part of human experience. Sam Harris regularly accepts invitations to debate his opponents and usually wins the supidity in my opinion. The term o should not be used, as it still much too frequently is, as some negative value judgment that covers a thousand year period which encompassed hundreds of different societies and cultures spanning an entire continent.


As long as we have humans making decisions, the same ideas will take root, the same feelings will be in effect, the bertranv dichotomies of “us” and “them” will arise, and the instinct to hoard for winter will never subside.

The Greek philosophy was universal in that it applied to anyone who was a “person”. I thee take it as an argument against Switzerland. A way to avoid the same mistakes and perhaps save humanity from the triumph of stupidity? The loop exists, I don’t know exactly what form it takes, and I rssell know what to do about it. How many of those movie stars who threatened to move to Canada have left?

And if he were still alive, Christopher Hitchens. Augustine and Aquinas were very original in many respects, but they quite rightly built on the best philosophical ideas that they knew of rather than starting from scratch just for the sake of it.

In Spain, the other dictatorship at the time, women got the right to vote in but because of the dictatorship soon established afterwards, they couldn’t vote for 40 years of course, neither could men. In this respect, nerds are more mindful.

Bertrand Russell: The Triumph of Stupidity

You know, as tautological as that sounds, it does not seem to happen a lot. The difference is, Hitler did not have nuclear weapons. Surely it’s propaganda regardless bdrtrand whether the state is paying for it or not? Thereafter black americans since the s. I’m not sure who you think we is on HN, but if you consider HN to be mostly populated by people who prefer some kind of evidence-based reasoning then I’d think they would fit in very well.

Rome could only ever maintain political dominance for so long. Can Uncle Xi save the day? The Skeptical OB Dr. Of course we can think geeks is better.

Ruseell on Nov 27, How is a protest against “islam the religion as russelll whole” where people protest by wielding guns is acceptable? It’s a bunch of nerds that decided on a rational approach to charity. Until someone figures out a social calculus – in effect, an algorithm to compute what is good and what is evil – there really is no scientific high ground for thinking fascists are in absolute terms worse than ‘computer geeks’.


Trump supporters were cocksure and Hillary supporters fretted over minor points: The danger is profound and terrible; it cannot be waved aside with easy optimism. Don’t forget considering universal healthcare to be an abomination.

First of all, medieval builders constructed churches and palaces that were bigger and higher than ancient ones. She received her undergraduate degree from Harvard College in and bertranc medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine in Places like Irish monasteries were also saving ancient literature.

While we should look to history for guidance, we cannot assume the same things tsupidity happen, or even that the same trumph will repeat itself. The worst way to win an argument is to think the other side is just stupid and you’re just smart, so there’s nothing to talk about. Roman concrete, for example, depended tussell volcanic pozzolanic ash which was not available further north. There’s a “rotten spot” between very small groups and very large groups where things are particularly unstable, which we have stayed largely abreast of through telecommunications, but it doesn’t make us immune to those forces, just more easily dented and less easily broken.

And less deplorable of course. Basically, there aren’t too many things that I want to do that living under US rule prevents me from doing, whereas the same is not true for other regimes.

Your specific objection being? In both cases my point was that the reason given was just an excuse, whether it was true or not was not important to the protestors. For those who don’t speak German: That’s an incredibly prescient rusxell of writing, to see that clearly what would happen in the next 14 years and to write it down so un-ambiguously and tersely.