In Better by Mistake, Alina Tugend offers an entertaining approach on how understanding our mistakes and embracing our imperfections can lead us to a better. Read “Better By Mistake The Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong” by Alina Tugend with Rakuten Kobo. New York Times columnist Alina Tugend delivers an . Learn more about the book, Better By Mistake: The Unexpected Benefits of Being Seasoned journalist and author Alina Tugend writes about this inherent.

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That doesn’t necessarily mean that the mistakes themselves are good, but their aftermath—tracing back why we made them and what we learned from them—can be very helpful in avoiding mistakes in the future.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Whereas, kids who are told they are smart want to continue to be seen as smart, so they take fewer risks and are more likely to cover up their mistakes. What’s in a Word: Women, Men, Work, Family. I felt the book concept was interesting but the writing fell flat and boring.

Of particular fascination were the medicine and airline chapters, both concepts which I’ve read full books about.

I had high hopes for this book, and was generally disappointed, The message is great and I agree with it–we need to admit and learn from our mistakes rather than hide them. She presents interesting studies that will change what I do in the classroom pretty significantly.

Read it Forward Read it first. To ask other readers questions about Better by Mistakeplease sign up. Embracing mistakes can make us smarter, healthier, and happier in every facet of our lives.


The Trouble with Boys. The best info came from the sections on Carol Dweck and mindset which I was a bit familiar with. When his speech writer approached the new president about the dramatic decrease he had alinw just alnia years earlier, Roosevelt famously said: It was fascinating–and somewhat bettre realize mistqke what I’d always prided myself on–working around problems, bringing people together, indirectly getting what I wanted–aren’t necessarily positive attributes.

If you’ve already devoured anything written by anyone within five degrees of separation between them and Malcolm Gladwell, this might feel a bit overdone. It’s the Mission, Not the Mandates. Aviation and medicine have already delved into this subject, and if you’re not in a position of authority over others, you can’t do much about whether your work culture encourages honest admittance of mistakes, or punishes mistakes so much that you’re better off denying and deflecting.

Ahh, I would much rather think or talk about this book than write a review about it, so if you read it, give me a call.

Bold and dynamic, insightful and provocative, Better by Mistake turns our cultural wisdom on its head to illustrate the downside of striving for perfection and the rewards of acknowledging and accepting mistakes and embracing the imperfection in all of us. Her point is valid and important, mistakes are valuable potential learning experiences, and if we get into mistake denial mode we have lost that potential experience.

The Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong

Want to buy the book or learn more? Overall rating No ratings yet 0. They may need to make deliberate mistakes to test the limits of their knowledge” Tuugend Schoemkare and Gunther 81 “single loop” feedback which compares against a standard and either passes or fails and “double loop” which questions the standard itself 3 classes of human error: Stay in Touch Sign up.


Frankly, betetr episodes of The Simpsons in explaining studies conducted by those in the psychiatric field, make it easier for me understand and learn. I wasn’t really focusing on a TV program when this author was being interviewed but the topic intrigued me. There were many interesting anecdotes and studies but I came away with less than I had hoped for my personal situation. Return to Book Page. Embracing mistakes can make us smarter, healthier, and happier in every facet of our lives.

For more book reviews, come visit my blog, Build Enough Bookshelves.

Better By Mistake by Alina Tugend | : Books

We Need To Do Better. Something as seemingly minor as knowing each other’s tugemd, studies found, fosters closer teamwork. This book was thought provoking and worth the effort to plow through the drier sections. I continued freelancing and working for a non-profit while having two sons.

Focuses mostly on medicine, business and–strangely traditional for pop psychology–aviation.

The Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong | HuffPost

Oct 18, Adrienne rated it really liked it. Item s unavailable for purchase. Turns out, I’m not alone.