Bharathipura has 80 ratings and 7 reviews. The obviousness of the novel is embarrassing – URA is a caterer not a writer; he knows he’s catering but doesn’t. Format: Paperback. Bharathipura is an old-fashioned novel, with a captivating story that moves along Flaubertian lines: no pointless side-trips. At the same time, . The novel presents its protagonist Jagannatha in the same mould. The story is set in the town of Bharathipura which is noted for its famous.

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SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. In Susheela Punitha’s hands, the translation retains the cultural and linguistic ambience of the Kannada society. Set in contemporary India, Bharathipura revolves around the life of an ‘enlightened’ modern Indian, Jagannatha, who in order to get rid of his personal burdens commits a ‘scandalous’ act. India, caste system, Holeyaru, Kannada Language. Ananthamurthy Oxford India Perennials Series. Skip to noveo Skip to main content.


But I would definitely recommend it to everyone, it’s actually very good, I would have given it four stars if it wasn’t for the fact that I was starting to feel a little claustrophobic after spending so much time inside Jagannatharayar’s head. Gandhi was the only person who had visited the town without making a visit to Manjunatha. Even his mentor and lifelong family friend Sripathi Rao thinks that this attempt won’t make much difference in the general attitude of the society.

But part of the reason he is doing this is his own anguish as he tries to become a responsible adult. His attempt to take ‘untouchables’ into the local Manjunatha temple exposes the complexities of the caste system and the myth of social justice in modern India. Sunaif Vittla rated it it was amazing Oct 21, As he notes in a letter he writes to the local newspapers announcing his plans: His attempt to ta First published in’Bharathipura’ reveals U. The detailed Introduction by N.


Karanam Prasad rated it it was ok Sep 08, First published inBharathipura is about the practice of untouchability in a traditional society that is evolving into modernity through new economic forces brought in by a certain class of people.

Tomichan Matheikal 4 May at To know a summary of the book, please visit my blog: Some of the images in the novel remain etched in our memories.

He wants to transform the town by leading the Holeyaru the untouchables in the place to the temple. A wealthy landlord returns home, only to be confronted with realities on multiple fronts which he wants to change. The temple — and the pilgrims who come visit it — are the source of much of the town’s wealth; indeed, it’s a must see and must-pay-tribute attraction that everyone goes to worship at, as apparently: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Others also suggest he should limit his ambitions: But these rebellious decisions of Jagannatha are not purely selfless. And then throughout the book you are thinking where is the revolution taking place, in the head or in reality?

scjeegt: I MA Bharathipura by U.R. Ananthamurthy

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Anandhi rated it liked it Feb 05, Bharathipura is named after the town in which it is set.

His attempt to ta. They refuse to accept that Ganesha had a nervous breakdown.

He has written numerous short stories as well. The day before the temple entry he decides to put an end to all this. An ism is coming to an end.

Join hands for a common climate goal Opinion. The complete review ‘s Review:. The story is set in the town of Bharathipura which is noted for its famous temple with its deity Manjunatha and his henchman Bhootharaya, the God of the untouchables.

Jagannatha wants to shake things up, and the way he wants to do this is by leading the local Harijans Dalits, ‘untouchables’the Holeyaru responsible in this ultra-structured class society for dealing with the local excrement into the holy of holies, the temple.



He goes to the inner sanctum and somehow dislodges the deity and throws it into the river. URA is an unnecessarily obvious writer of ideas and Bharathipura reads as though it has been written for somebody to write a thesis on ‘Tradition and Modernity in URA’s Fiction’.

There is a belief that Holeyaru who enter the temple will spew blood and die. He hides it behind his award-winning smiles. His father treats him as a mere boy and he craves for some freedom.

Aug 10, Carol rated it liked it Shelves: But soon, he settles down and accepts his loss as a part of the harsh bharathkpura he has to face in life. Jaganatha is determined to initiate social change. Vidyadhar Durgekar rated it really liked it Sep 21, Sometimes even others in the book seem to be thinking and speaking his thoughts. His son, Ganesha Bhatta bharathipira Jagannatha inwardly as he is tired of the customs Manjunatha’s presence impose. If we can prove to them how baseless this belief is, I am very sure a different mode of bharzthipura will dawn in the minds of these people.

I have changed my perception negative to positive on URA after I read this book.

Bharathipura – U.R. Ananthamurthy – Oxford University Press

He uses images and symbols to deconstruct the past, merge it with the present, and then chart a course for the future so as to liberate the Indian way of life from a make-belief world and help it confront the changing realities of the post-Nehruvian era. Diasporic Modernisms Allison Schachter.

Arguments and debates abound throughout, with the story patching it together to form an interesting read.