When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. Posts about bibi fatima ki kahani in urdu written by mehdisyed.

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Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional – video dailymotion

Aap ne farmaya ke iss amr kay malik Janaab Ali A. Aap ney fermaya key baitti iss ka ikhtiar khud tumko hai.

Posted February 4, edited. Iss kay baad woh yahudi Im Saiyada S. For centuries there has been a marble slab over their graves and on this is written: S who was well aware of these Islamic principles practiced these Islamic fundmentals most strongly.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional

Umme Salma was asked to teach Our Lady principles of Culture. Her mother Khadija had two other daughters from her two earlier marriages. Mahal, takht-o-taj sub kuch salamut thaah. They say that this is where that mojaza took place where that woman died during her marriage and Bibi Fatima sa came and then the dulhan came back alive saying the Kalima.

Ye sunkar woh Hazrat Ali A. Phir app ne farmaiya kay shehair Madina me eik yahudi rahta tha. Posted February 6, I will appreciate if someome can shed some light on its references. Salaam Alikum to all, I am just wondering where to find this Kahani in English and Gujrati my book is all torn apart if anyone could help me out I would highly appreciate it When the widow opened her eyes she saw her son coming to her playing and laughing and there was no sign of burns, even his clothes were undamaged.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Donno larkiyun ki shaadi hogai aur donno larkiyan dulhan bunker susraal chaleen.

The girls upon awakening narrated the same dream to each other and decided that it must have been a true dream if both of them saw the same thing, they then made the vow to listen to the kahani. The Verse in Surah Dahr revealed in praise of their extremely charitable act in the way of Allah.


He stayed in Makka for another 3 days to give back the deposits to the Makkans who entrusted these to the Prophet for safe keeping. Sunarun jub apne ghar wapis aaee tou kia daikhti hai kay jin logoun nay kahaani sunney aur sunnaanay say inkaar kia thah aur Mazaalah fazool sumjah that, unke gharhun mein aag lugg gaee thee. Wazir nay samaan-sheekar taiyar kiya aur badshah ko khaber dee. Posted February 3, Even a sunni family that my dad suggested the kahani too, did manat and said they would read the kahani if the prayer was answered and their prayer was answered.

Badshah nay dil se iss maujzay per yaqeen kia aur forrun huqum dia kay donno larrkiyyon ko ba izzat aur ahtaram ke saat riha kiya jai aur mahal ponchaaya jai. Sign in Already have an account?

bibi fatima ki kahani

When she denied from behind the door, people who wanted the oath pushed the door such that it fell on the Holy Lady Fatima saw and then crossed over the door, while the Holy Lady was below the door.

Ek roz jub sunaaran kuaen par paani bharney gaee tou ooska larrka bhi uske peechey holia. Sunaaran jab paani bharchooki tau kuaen kay kareeb larrkay ko na paaker kheyaal kiya ke ghar chalaa gia hoga.

Sunaaran jab paani bharchooki tau kuaen kay kareeb larrkay ko na paaker kheyaal kiya ke ghar chalaa gia hoga. Sunarun nehaayat aur dilchuspee say suntee rahee. Her Holiness replied that the best thing for a women is that her glance never falls on a male stranger and the glance of a male stranger does not fall on her. Sunarun maayus hokar jungle ki taraf chaldee.

Yahan tak ke lebaas-badan tuk mehfooz raha. Is waqt mein tum ko qaid kerta hun aur subha ko qatal kara dun ga. Where is the justice in that? Aur iss terha dulhan musulmaan hogai. Wahan per sub kuch mojood that. Roti peet thi apnay luktay jigar ki talaash mein doobara ghar se niklee. What’s the whole deal about purchasing sweets before listening to a kahani? She asked them to come to her home and tell her the event of Janab e Sayeeda.


Posted June 28, In the battle of Ohud when her father was injured she tended him, cleaned his wounds, put some burnt wool on the wounds to stop blood flowing. The girls narrated and told them about their unfulfilled vow and how they had completed it. The names of which include Abul Aas bin Rabi.

The Prophet of Islam had only one daughter named Fatima. Risaalat Maab Hazrat Mohammad A.

Bibi Fatima (as) Ki Kahani – English Transliteration – Urdu / اُردُو‎ –

Itney mey wazir paani ki talaash may gia aur ursu larkiyoon ko daikh ker bahut hairaan hoowa. Then the news spread that the son of the widow had fallen in the furnace of the blacksmith and had burned and died. Hence the system was of taking turns at doing the work of the House. Phailey badshah nay ye bath manzoor karlee. Itafaqan unkey wapis jaaney ke bad kissee doosrey mulk ka badshah issi jungle main sheekaar khelney ke liyey aaya aur apney wazir ko hookum diya key pani talaash kerke laaey.

Alam-e-ghashee me kia dakhtee hai kay aek mozamma naqaab posh tashreef laaee haen aur farmaraheen hein ke ghum na kxhani.