The way you position your body on the motorcycle can make the difference between panicking/freezing in the middle of a turn or feeling. Buy A Twist of the Wrist II: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding: Read 55 Race Tech’s Motorcycle Suspension Bible: Dirt, Street and Track. Showing off Bikes or Gear? Bike-related Subs Since we are talking about cornering: The Cornering Bible – Twist of the Wrist II (which used.

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The same happens when you’re cornering on a motorcycle.

What are the most common cornerign of panic when you are cornering on a motorcycle? Don’t use your arms to move around as they must always be relaxed on the handlebars.

I’ve been on the race track a number of times and can get round the corners relatively fast but know my brain can feel panicked on the approach to the hairpins. I read it on here funnily enough and I’d probably still be cornering like a noob if I hadn’t; doubt I’d have worked it out on my own. Do you have any tips in this respect? But as soon as you enter a curve everything changes; the centrifugal force of the turn will try to push your body and throw you to the outside of the curve.

Once your nose and eyes are pointed in the right direction, keep aiming with your vision towards the exit of the curve and avoid peeking down to the pavement or to either side of the road.

Motorcycle cornering – Body position to reduce anxiety and panic | OfirMX

Plans based on reaction time can be flawed. Result is you fall. Above a relatively slow speed it is the only way to steer a bike. If your chicken strips are big then you are clearly not leaning the bike far enough over I found the korean subtitles a great help.


This induces some panic so as well. When you’re riding on your bike at a constant speed on a straight line, the only G force acting on you is the Earth’s gravity itself.

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To the point where your body feels in balance with the G forces acting on your body. Real proof not half truth diagrams. Another thing that helps A LOT to avoid panicking in the middle of a turn is to keep your arms and body relaxed. In fact look how far they hang off in the wet. Again depends on tyre that us true mainly for sports tyres a touring tyre, certainly not always the case.

This is especially true on a curve as you are leaning and getting closer to the pavement. The riders below are positioning their upper bodies out of alignement from the G force You should only be a bum cheek off at most. Unfortunately many riders can spend a lifetime on the saddle without ever understanding that a proper body position can have a great impact on their concentration and safety while they ride.

It automatically panics and engages every muscle of your body in preparation for a quick reaction.

One pushing you down and one pushing you to the side. All those coaches say that those Survival Reactions are bad but natural, that they’ll be there in every turn Kevin Wing posted Jul 18th, These movements become more drastic as cornering speeds increase to the point where racers “hang” on the side of their bikes, but the theory of balance remains the same.

If a bike is changing direction from 25 degrees then it doesn’t matter if that is 25 degrees on the seat or whether you’re hanging off at that angle. The survival reactions have been triggered and your concentration has been compromised.


Display posts from previous: Online presence management by Ovalmint. By Keith Code posted May 26th, That is a very watered down version, but really all you need to know, and tbh, all i can be bothered typing. Ofir, Priceless advice conering an under appreciated technique!


It’s possible for a rider with chicken strips to be faster than one without. After watching that vid and similar others I always feel I’ve forgot how to ride and worry about how I’m doing it, it’s totally sub conscious like it should have become as soon as you ditched the stabilisers.

Without me, my motorcycle is useless. How to prevent sore backs when riding motorcycles. Chicken strips aren’t a measurement of skill. No, nobody fell I did not push them that hard but I confirmed my theory that when someone feels out of balance he instinctively prepares for the impact; and looking towards the point of impact is the first thing we all do.

Ash, ride at 30mph, and turn right by turning the bars right fast, and see how quick you hit the floor. I did my own experiments. By keeping your body aligned with your ever changing center of gravity at all times. If you look either down or right in front of you, your brain will think that you are going way faster than you really are and automatically enter into panic mode. Vision Ins and Outs.

Bike Cornering Bible

Changing direction is the same in both cases. You will only be thinking about holding on to your horse and avoid falling from it. By Keith Code Photo: