Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School by Frank Richards. Published by Charles Skilton September (Reprinted , and ). Illustrated by. It was only when I came to think about this idea of a book of a lifetime that I remembered Billy Bunter and how he has quietly stayed with me. At a time when young children were enthralled by Andy Pandy, their older siblings were tucking into the adventures of Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School.

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If only the threat of ‘six of the best’ could be used today maybe we would have a more respectable society, ha, ha or hreyfriars todays kids LOL I have a fourth print edition of this in hardback sadly without dust jacket but in hilly order and on in my collection.

With the result that now hardly anyone under 50 years old has even heard of Billy Bunter. I had read only one Billy Bunter story before – in my teens – when I had found a dog-eared copy of “Billy Bunter comes for Christmas” at a local raddiwala.

Campion and a BBC film crew travelled to Malta to film location footage around the Mediterranean, for a sequence of episodes in which Lord Mauleverer lends his yacht, and takes a party of schoolboys including Bunterunder the supervision of Mr Quelch, touring various holiday attractions. Share this Rating Title: How can it be? Its unusual in that the main character is so awful. I am sure I would have enjoyed it even more then. As was to become the custom, the opening chapter begins with dialogue.

Charles Hamilton writing as Frank Richards.

For some reason Quelch has described Bunter as poor in class, slack at games, untruthful, and a pilferer of tuck.

And then he is not the protagonist – it is Billy.

The first in the Billy Bunter series Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School is a hilarious account of a most unlikable boy and his adventures in school. Connections Referenced in Doctor Who: Then we have the Bounder, the arrogant son of a rich man, who smokes, read pinks papers bnter breaks rule. Formulaic slapstick gets monotonous after a while, and William George Bunter is ultimately a very unsympathetic protagonist. Was this review helpful greyfriar you? Smithy, the Famous Five, Horace Coker; all are present.


I just didn’t want to hear from him any more, and that was three chapters in. Quelch ; Anthony O Harry Wharton. Add the first question.

To ask other readers questions about Billy Bunter of Greyfriars Schoolplease sign up. Kenneth Wilson rated it liked it Apr 18, Nov 05, Bodwisebooks rated it really liked it.

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School

Oct 21, Abhijit Rao rated it it was amazing. What happens next is obvious to devotees, the character change in Billy amazes the natives. Hamilton also wrote all of the scripts for the television show.

Although incredibly popular and influential at the time over the years since the ’60’s his star lf waned, partly thanks to the changing times, but mainly due to his non-promotion by indifferent rights owners. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Its quite difficult to make a story compelling with a main character like that but this makes it work. These would be broadcast during Children’s Hour.

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School – Wikipedia

Jun 02, Craig Herbertson rated it really liked it. He’s lazy, stupid, greedy and sneaky at least tries to be. The characters of Hurree Singh and Bob Cherry were seen as particularly poorly realised, with both woodenly parroting their familiar catch-phrases without the slightest expression. I felt bunrer curious sense of nostalgia reading this book, I won’t deny it. This article is about the TV series.

The format of the books was slightly different of course. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. As you go over the books, you begin to start developing a certain affection for Billy.


Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School is a novel by Charles Hamilton writing as Frank Richards, using the characters and settings of the Greyfriars School stories published from to in The Magnet. The thing about these characters are that they are real. Harry Wharton is your stereotypical protagonist like the ones in Enid Blyton books – the sports captain, the boy with the heart of gold.

Damon rated it really liked it Feb 06, The show did not lose its popularity over its nine years on the air.

Billy Bunter Cassell 1. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As it was broadcast live on TV, the 4 bits of film inserted into it meant valuable time for re-positioning etc!

Billy Bunter Of Greyfriars School

This book kind of makes you like people as they are instead of looking out for some greyfriara folks with unrealistic qualities. There’s some talented writing behind these stories to be sure, hidden beneath the stereotypes.

With the technical limitations of ‘s BBC or ITV live TV programmes it’s not really surprising, even now when these plays could be handled so much better from an acting and production point of view one’s own imagination is always the best place to replay bunyer favourite story. He was not well dressed — he wore a ragged coat too large for him, shabby trousers to small for him, a battered bowler hat that only a very impecunious tramp would have picked up of a rubbish-heap, and a blue-spotted neck cloth.

A common source of confusion is that early episodes for which no recording existed were remade by later greyfrizrs, using different casts, [15] probably due to difficulties in obtaining new greycriars from the ailing Charles Hamilton.