View and Download BionX RIDE+ owner’s manual online. Electric bicycle. RIDE+ Bicycle pdf manual download. BionX. DE Anleitung. EN Manual Bitte achten Sie darauf, dass Ihr neues Pedelec powered by BionX komplett montiert, eingestellt und mit allen. Diese Bedienungsanleitung ist Eigentum der Fa. For e-bikes and pedelecs with the BionX drive system – Press the Start button on the BionX Console.

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No texts, details, or illustrations from this Manual may be reproduced or distributed, or become the subject of unauthorized use for commercial purposes. Additional manuals for using the Electric bicycle may be ordered as separate items from Trek Bicycle. Your electric bicycle is a bike with electric pedal assistance. This means that you can pedal it as a normal bike, or that the bike can assist you in your pedaling.

The electric bicycle anleiting assist you when you are pedaling. The amount of assistance depends on the force you exert on the pedals. This device can be bionxx to select a higher or lower assist or regeneration level without removing your hands off the handlebars.

Push the button to switch the system Off. When switched On, the bike is in cycle mode zero assist. After switching On, the bike is always in cycle mode zero assist. It is strongly advised to ride away in a straight line when an anleiting level is selected. Never select assistance level 3 or 4 during maneuvering or riding away in a tight corner. To anleitun loss of riding information, please make sure that biknx system is switched Off before the controller is removed from the bike.

They can be charged using the power supply, on the bike or removed from the bike. Now slide the battery pack rearwards out of the rear rack 3,4.

Carefully push all the way forward, also through a slightly higher resistance at the end 2,3. Now turn the key of the lock counter clockwise until the battery pack is locked and take the key out of the lock 4. Do bilnx ride the bike with the lock open. When the lock springs out, the lever of the battery biinx will be released. Now take the key from the lock and pull the lever of the battery pack so that it slides upwards – parallel to the down tube – until it releases from the rail 3.

When the battery pack is not on the bike, always use the protective cover on the contacts on the frame to protect the electrical system from water 5. Now, slide the battery pack down onto the rail 2. Use the lever to lower the battery pack carefully during the last phase of sliding, so that the connectors engage 3.


Be sure that the connector at the bottom of the battery pack and the connector on the bkonx engage properly. When the battery pack is fully in place, blonx the lock in until it clicks 4. Find the options that are on your electric bicycle. It also functions as a bicycle computer, measuring speed and distance, and shows the battery charge level. When the system is set to assistance, the electric motor drives the rear wheel and assists you in your pedaling. Both lights always work simultaneously.

Note, though, that the actual maximum speed that you can reach depends first and foremost on how strongly bkonx pedal. It has type approval as such. Instructions for Use There are four types of controllers: If the Service Indication a steady or blinking wrench symbol is visible on the display, refer immediately to paragraph 7. For assistance level 1, press once.

Press again for more assistance. When there is no assistance level shown and the bicycle icon is anpeitung on the screen, there is no assistance. Pedaling is then the same as on a normal bicycle. Biomx that, the brake generator connector can be plugged into the remote connector. There are four levels of ahleitung. The level of regeneration is shown by the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

For regenerative level 1 press once. Press again to increase the regeneration level to a higher level. If the Service Indication a blinking bike frame is visible on the display, refer immediately to paragraph 7.


This is shown on the display as a building up of the display: This switches On the front light, the rear light and the backlight in controller screen. In the display, the light symbol will appear. If the Service Indication a blinking speed indicator is visible on the display, refer immediately to paragraph 7. Once activated, the light symbol will appear on the screen.

The lights will stay On even when you stop. Removal, putting back and charging are much the same for all packs. This means you can mount a n optional Bontrager Interchange basket or pannier on the anlejtung rack of the bike by removing the plug from the battery pack.

Removal, putting back and charging are the same for the two packs. Both packs have the same exterior and are interchangeable. This adapter can be mounted by 2 boinx.

Subsequently, the bottle cage can be mounted on the adapter. Only use the 4 bolts that are delivered with the holder to prevent damage to the battery cells inside. This means that the battery capacity is not influenced if the battery pack is recharged before it is completely empty. You can recharge after every ride.

BionX G2 Controller

The battery pack is splash proof, but not waterproof. Do not nionx the battery pack in water and do not clean the battery pack with a high-pressure washer. Do not drop or impact the battery pack, immerse it in water, or clean it with a high-pressure washer. Do not open the battery pack there are no user-serviceable parts inside. Do not short-circuit the terminals. The maximum allowable load on the rear rack is 20 kg for bikes with a rear rack battery pack and 25 kg for bikes with a downtube battery pack.


The system will be most efficient when you pedal with a cadence of around 60 rpm. Use the assistance levels according to your needs. Always remember that your electric bicycle is still a bicycle and should be used as such.

A lways respect local laws about transportation of a n electric bicycle. The drivability of the vehicle may change with bionc weight on the back of the vehicle. Maintenance After the first two to three weeks of use, or km, have your dealer anleityng the spokes in the rear wheel. Check the connections of the system every two to three months.

If you notice anything like this, clean with a smooth, dry brush. For the battery pack case, a damp cloth suffices. Keep water away from the electrical connections.

BionX RIDE+ Owner’s Manual

Do not use a jet-wash. The powerful water-jet may damage the electronics. T ighten the wheel nuts equally and evenly to a torque of 40 Nm.

Otherwise the system might not work properly. If you do not have access to a torque wrench, you can use a normal wrench, anlditung ask your dealer to check the tightening torque of the nuts at the earliest opportunity.

R econnect the front brake. When it shows, this means that the electronic system recognizes a problem. If the error persists, visit your dealer immediately for repairs. The Service Indication can mean the battery pack has been impacted or mis-handled, causing an electrical fault.

Contact Addresses and telephone numbers: C, JanuaryThird Edition. Page of 42 Go. Page 35 – Maintenance Page 36 – Removal and refitting of wheels for bike Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Table Of Contents 4. Quick Start This device anoeitung be used to select a higher or lower assist or regeneration level without removing your hands off the handlebars. Charging uiCk start harging 1. Bontrager Satellite Elite Forklight ontrager atellite lite ight 2.

Instructions For Use For 4. Downtube Battery Packs nstruCtions For 4. Page 31 nstruCtions For The battery pack can both be charged in the bike or it can be removed from the bike for charging. Battery Pack Care nstruCtions For 4. Page 37 aintenanCe 6. Problem Solving roBlem solving 7. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.