The fourth Blacksad album is a murder mystery set in the jazz scene of States by Dark Horse Comics as Blacksad: A Silent Hell. Stuff I Read – Blacksad: A Silent Hell by Juan Díaz Canales Review Ah, back to the world of Blacksad, which is basically our world but with more animal-people. This review is contributed by James Tan. Blacksad: A Silent Hell is another volume in the comic series of John Blacksad, the private detective.

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People Who Read Blacksad: Suffering a personal crisis, Otto hides at the city aquariumwhere Blacksad himself once hid as a child. Disappointed, Blacksad walks out. Falling in love with Alma, Blacksad promises to take her to Niagara Falls, which to her is an important act of commitment.

Dargaud titles French comics Fictional cats Anthropomorphic cats Fictional police detectives Detective comics Comics featuring anthropomorphic characters Harvey Award winners for Best Graphic Album of Original Work Comics set in the s Novels set in the United States Comics about cats Comics nell animals xilent debuts Comics characters introduced in Spanish comics Spanish comics characters. Refresh and try again.

Blacksad is happy to be taking a well-earned vacation, staying behind in New Orleans for a while, while Weekly returns home to New York.

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. She also has an emotional meeting with Dinah, who appears to blackmail Jezabel by threatening to reveal ‘what she knows’. Retrieved 15 September The first three volumes listed here are released by Dark Horse Comics as a single publication titled simply Blacksad.

Retrieved from ” https: Discover new books on Goodreads.

Dark Horse Comics

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of hel site. November 30, — Shelved as: Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. When Otero gets back home, he is killed by a mysterious assassin a gavial.


Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Archived from the original on 9 May The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. Gangsters, kidnappers, maniacal killers, and thugs of all stripes had their lurid stories recounted in The pair of two pagers supply contrast.

Skip to main content. The sense of mystery is strong, the dialogue is snappy, and the resolution is fitting.

To his surprise, Herzl is a Silennt survivor and Nazi hunter who shows him photographic proof that Otto used to work for the Third Reich. A Crime Does Not Pay. Volume 1 – Somewhere Within the Shadows.

Book Review: Blacksad: A Silent Hell | Parka Blogs

Weekly appears and urgently informs Blacksad of Fletcher’s whereabouts. Detective John Blacksad returns, with a new case that takes him to a s New Orleans filled with hot jazz and cold-blooded murder! He lands a side-job when a rich Texan asks him to drive his prized car to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he is flying.

Ivo Statoc, a frog, the richest and most powerful businessman of the city, who considers himself above any law. Blacksad confronts Kaylie’s mother, Dinah, who has mysteriously failed to report her daughter’s disappearance. Suspecting Karup of the killing, Blacksad directly confronts him with his suspicions and reveals Jezabel’s affair with Huk. Meanwhile, Weekly investigates the activities of Karup’s wife, Jezabel, and discovers that she is having an affair with Huk.

Later on, into the wee hours, Chad, Abe and Ssilent sit smoking, drinking and talking. Given New Orleans in Mardi Gras season as the setting he delivers page after page of densely populated carnival, or dingy backroom voodoo treatment, or crowded blues clubs. Ina fifth installment of the series, Amarillowas released in various translations.

Blacksad: A Silent Hell by Juan Diaz Canales | : Books

Meanwhile, Weekly discovers that some of Fletcher’s friends seem to have been mysteriously murdered in staged suicides, causing Blacksad to fear that someone might be after Sebastian’s life as well. The first comic album Somewhere Within the Shadows involves the murder of a famous actress whom he had a relationship with. There is a hippopotamus as the rival detective and the missing Jazz musician is a dog with a drug addiction.


Also by Juan Diaz Canales. Hired to discover the fate of a celebrated pianist, Blacksad finds his most dangerous mystery yet in the midst of drugs, voodoo, the rollicking atmosphere of Mardi Gras, and the dark underbelly that it hides! BlacosadDark Horse Comics published all three translated volumes as one volume.

There is a magic to it that is subtle but constant, the way the shadows heighten the mystery, the way that nothing is quite what it seems. Blacksad himself is starting to get over his mopes and enjoy life again perhaps with a quick save lbacksad some sort of weird magic cat-guy. Stay informed on our latest news!

Blacksad: A Silent Hell

Artist Guy Helll teams with Brian Introduced in the first Hellboy book and featured prominently in the film, Abe Sapien has remained one of the most intriguing mysteries Though both authors are Spanish, their main target audience for Blacksad is the French market [1] and thus they publish all Blacksad volumes in French first; the Spanish edition usually follows about one month later.

Horrified, Chad flees in Blacksad’s prized car. Obviously what he needs is a good mystery to get the blood pumping again. It includes this time an extended behind the scenes type of thing, which is quite interesting but doesn’t quite make up for not having another story included in the collection. It seems he actually meant to kill Otto.