These high quality blindfolds are both compact and comfortable. wear during blindfolded activities, particularly blindfolded cube solving. The first very important step with this Rubik’s cube blindfolded method is to find a code for each pair of. Blindfold Cubing. Dr. Richard Carr. February 23, The following is an introduction to blindfold cubing. It does not always show the most efficient methods.

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The solving phase is quite easy using this method. It is specially true with the Pochmann Blindfolded Rubik’s cube method.

Blindfold Cubing

Say you wanted to flip edge 5 and 6, you would use this algorithm to do so I will describe more about setup moves below. Blindfold bljndfold consists of two parts, the memorization stage, and the execution stage where you actually do the solving. Depending of the orientation of the corner, we will have 3 possible combinations: The first one will swap buffer and first piece, the second will solve the first piece and bring the second into the buffer and the third will solve the second piece and bring the buffer back to where it belongs.


Blindvold method I described is the one Bill created. Not needed this is the position we are swapping pieces out of 4: Notice that we can start a new cycle using any corner blindflod does not already belong in a cycle. We then find the code for this edge, and so on With this method, I believe that the solving phase is by far the easiest part to the solve.


When solving blindfolded, the timer starts with you first look at the scrambled cube.

Rubik’s cube Blindfolded solving : The Pochmann method – Rubik’s Cube

Here, we will discuss them in the following order: I started to choose a person for the code. This is a much quicker method, using 3-cycles for permutation, with orientation done prior to permutation.

The first thing to understand about blindfold solving is that the method used to solve the cube is completely different then speedcubing. Go through each piece of a scrambled cube, numbering or labeling it appropriately and pointing to blinefold it belongs, until you can do this without hesitation.

Blindfold Solving

The goal is, on every algorithm, to solve the edge that is located in the slot UR. And finally an algorithm boindfold allow us to orient two edges. To bring the DL on the upper layer, we can bring it to 3 different slot.

Just memorizing two colors in the right order are enough to fully define a corner. L2 F2 L2 5: Wiki on common blindfold methods and techniques. Correct Clockwise cw Ckbing Clockwise ccw What follows is a method based on commutators, which requires minimal memorization. The restriction depends both on the definition of orientation and the algorithms used and differ for corners and edges.

DL is not the same that LD otherwise the edge will be wrongly oriented.


Cycles of length 2 can only be solved in pairs double transposition. Cycle Methodobtain in cycle notation the permutation of twelve edges.

If we realize that we have parity half way into solving the permutation, we can correct the parity at an easier time. The major advantage of the Pochmann method is that it is fully automatic when solving blindfolded.

Perform the algorithm on your cube or watch the animation below to see exactly what it does. If all the edges have been visited, then we are good to go! For example, applying abc reduces abcde to ade. Position 2 needs to go to position 7, so I add on 7 to the cycle. Algorithm 3 is used for corner orientation.

Use set-up moves and appropriate PLL algorithms. In conjugation, we start with some known sequence X–in our case, the algorithm above. During the memorization, let us suppose that the first piece I see in the new cycle is in UB.

Counter Clockwise ccw Click here to show applet. With some insight, we can also see another nice solution: As practice, apply the Cycle Decomposition Algorithm to the edges of the same scramble; you should obtain the decomposition 1 5 8 2 6 4 12 11 7 9 Let us begin with understanding how the edges will be solved.