it is an abbreviated version of the Book of Amduat, copies of which were frequently description of Panebmontu’s Amduat manuscript to Bridget Leach, whose. The Egyptian Amduat: The Book of the Hidden Chamber [Erik Hornung] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the Amduat, the night- journey. Book of the Am-Tuat, Budge tr. at

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At midnight, a conjunction happens between this Solar awareness and the divine substrate or ground of consciousness. In Nun, the autogenetic power floats Isis and Nephthys can also be seen as serpents in the prow of boo, craft on occasion.

The Egyptian Amduat – The Book of the Hidden Chamber

Atum is the “soul of Nun” and hence the capacity to self-create eternal repetition and therewith the forces of the universe Enneadcreation Horus, Re and its order Maat. In the sixth hour the most significant event in the underworld occurs.

The earlier compositions Amduat and Book of Gates are divided into twelve sections which correspond to the twelve hours of the night, text and pictures always forming a unity. It is clear ascension to Re is impossible without passing through the kingdom of Osiris. The ba or soul of Ra unites with his own body, akduat alternatively with the ba of Osiris within the circle formed by the mehen serpent.

The Egyptian Amduat – The Book of the Hidden Chamber – The Living Human Heritage Project

After the end of the New Kingdom B. Additionally, the number of crew members and the aspect of the barque change in almost every division. Part of a series on. Practices Funerals Offering formula Temples Pyramids.

The first hour lays out the basis for the ordering of the underworld wherein the sun descends. This course gives the participant a way to decode and begin to lend meaning to what he or she is seeing. These studies of the Midnight Mystery and its Ars Obscura are divided into two sections and a discussion of the 12 Hours, to be finished over time. Like many funerary texts, it was found written on the inside of the pharaoh’s tomb for reference.


Ancient Egyptian funerary texts. Indeed, amsuat this period of Ancient Egyptian history, his position was still absolute. The Epic of Gilgamesh Hey!

The two birds on the hill are Isis and Nephthys with the hill itself the grave of Osiris. The Amduat [ pronunciation? In our text, we transcribe the cursive forms into normal hieroglyphs and follow, wherever possible, the version of Amenhotep II, but in some places it had to be corrected or completed; the red parts rubra are mostly identical in the tombs of Tuthmosis III and Amenhotep II, but Tuthmosis, trying to follow the orientation of the hours according to the text, had to rearrange some of the registers each hour but the first is divided into three horizontal sections, the registers.

Unlike other funerary texts, however, it was reserved only for pharaohs until the Twenty-first Dynasty almost exclusively or very favored nobility. The Duat is the inner dream world, existing in parallel with the Earth of the living and with the skies of the justified and the deities. It is said that the dead Pharaoh is taking this same journey, ultimately to become one with Ra and live forever. In a mysterious way, the undifferentiated inertness of the primordial waters runs through it cf.

The solar baboons and the hour goddesses along with all the various deities seen, rejoice at the appearance of the sun. Translated by David Warburton. The first three hours have long concluding texts which are absent from the hours following.

Many in my classes have seen many exhibits of Egyptian history, images of pyramids and the sarcophagus or mummified remains of the Pharaohs. The beginning is the horn of the West, the gate of the western horizon, the end is thick darkness, the gate of the western horizon.

Treatise of the Hidden Chamber, the positions of the Ba-souls, the gods, the shadows, the Akh-spirits, and what is done. Articles needing pronunciation Articles containing Ancient Egyptian-language text.

In hours 2 and 3 he passes through an abundant watery world called ‘Wernes’ and the ‘Waters of Osiris’. The kings of Upper and Lower Egypt are seen and identified by the crowns, crooks and uraei. The Book of the Amduat. From the bottom of this hill we can see the rejuvenated sun emerging in the form of the beetle that holds the tow rope and helps pull the barque along.


In the conjunction, Osiris, the divine consciousness-stuff as such, witnesses himself. The main purpose of the Amduat is to give the names of these gods and monsters to the spirit of the dead Pharaoh, so he can call upon them for help or use their name to defeat them. Easing the time of dying for those you love End of Life Dreams: In hour 4 he reaches the difficult sandy realm of Sokarthe underworld hawk deity, where he encounters dark zig zag pathways which he has to negotiate, being dragged on a snake-boat.

It describes the journey of the sun god through the twelve hours of the night, from his setting to his rising, as does the Book of Gates. In hour 1 the sun god enters the western horizon akhet which is a transition between day and night.

Scene from the catalogue of the deities from the Amduat, 10th hour, Middle Register.

Views Read Edit View history. The Hidden Chamber ca. In hour 12 he enters the eastern horizon ready to rise again as the new day’s sun. The modern name of Amduat that which is in the Duat derives from the Egyptian name for all the books of the Netherworld.

The Book of Am-Tuat

The sun is now forced to proceed through a narrow gap in the middle of the hour, and additional help is needed on the ropes. Program Offerings Courses Arabian Nights: In the seventh hour the serpent Apopis, who attempts to impede the way of the barque, is seen being dismembered and restrained by Isis and Seth.

What is perhaps the most important moment is seen in the fifth hour of the book. Stars are added to express the desired ascent of the Ba-soul to heaven. The tenth hour shows us again the beetle with his pellet which amduwt the birth of Khepri.