Memory and Meaning: Borges and “Funes el memorioso”. HENRY L SHAPIRO. There are, of course, in spite of Borges y yo, far more than two such homonyms. Funes the Memorious (Funes el Memorioso). Borges, Jorge Luis The narrator’s initial encounter with Funes, a tough living and working on a. My high school senior year English teacher was kind of an odd fellow, though I now believe he relished (and even cultivated) the “wacky.

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Sep 19, Oleksandr rated it really liked it.

Borges spends the whole night talking to Funes in the dark. No trivia or quizzes yet. He knew the forms of the clouds in the southern sky on the morning of April 30, and he could compare them in his borgges with the veins in the marbled binding of a book he had seen only once, or with the feathers of spray lifted by an oar on the Rio Negro on the eve of the Battle of Quebracho.

Want to Read saving…. It felt to me that the story went nowhere. The consequences for Funes of his precise memory are interesting, particularly when one considers that experiment of nature that A.

Lists with This Book. The narrator argues that a positional number system is a better tool for abstraction. Funes el Memroioso by Jorge Luis Borges.

Funes el Memorioso by Jorge Luis Borges

Solomon Shereshevskiia stage memory-artist mnemonist with a condition known as “hypermnesia”, [5] is described by the Russian neuropsychologist Alexander Luria in his book, The Mind of a Mnemonist[6] which some speculate was the inspiration for Borges’s story. Seba rated it it was amazing Jul 23, The narrator points this out to Funes, i. Did he had the perfect mindfulness? As narrative this can be seen as extended version of insomnia. He finds it very difficult to sleep, since he recalls “every crevice and every moulding of the various houses which [surround] him”.


He died in Geneva, Switzerland, in This ability seems more like a curse than an actual gift, as the narrator thinks. This is stated in the line “To think is to forget a difference, to generalize, to abstract.

The Mind of a Mnemonist”.

He reveals that, since his fall from the horse, he perceives everything in full detail and remembers it all. Borges returns to Buenos Airesthen in ufnes back to Fray Bentos, intending to relax and study some Latin.

Funes the Memorious

I kind of didn’t get what the point of it was Andres Borbon rated it it was amazing Jun 15, Inhis family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain. Feb 26, Paty Pana rated it really liked it. I found the story interesting, fune not nearly as good as it was supposed to be from the recommendation — now that I think about it, in a very similar manner to the professor who emitted the recommendation.

Because “memorious” is a rare word in modern English, some translators opt for this alternate translation. I found it so innovative and unique, and it was all condensed in 8 pages! The narrator mentions that Locke postulated then rejected an impossible idiom “in which each individual thing, each stone, each bird and each branch would have its own name; Funes once projected an analogous language, but discarded it because it seemed too general to him, too ambiguous” [4] since it did not take time into account: He was not able to generalize, he only saw the particulars, and he thought that each thing should have been named differently, as the dog The whole idea of Ireneo suffering even bogges to having exact memories of his own different grimaces, and consequently not even recognising himself whenever he stared in ffunes mirror gave me chills!


Coetzee said of Borges: Apr 22, Maria rated it liked it. His own face in the mirror, his own hands, borbes him on every occasion… Funes fubes continuously make out the tranquil advances of corruption, of caries, of fatigue.

Funes the Memorious – Wikipedia

British-American neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks cites Luria’s book as the inspiration for his own book, Awakenings blrges, which is dedicated to Luria. Although the ending is not a surprise ending, I shall desist from revealing it since there is a touch of irony in it. Jun 10, Loops Wuadaloops rated it it was amazing.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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