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To automatically execute these functions, you must add the appropriate keystrokes. AC Restoral Reports are not transmitted. L Change Relay Default: Local bells are silenced through the command center. When this point momentarily changes from normal to shorted to normal, it toggles the armed state of the area. Yes or No Yes Initiates panel-wide trouble tone at all command centers. D Operations Manual 6. A Restricted Closing Report refers to the control panel sending an Area Closing Report only when the area was master armed with Controlled points that were faulted during the arming sequence.

During this test, the battery powers the control panel only. Reports low battery power. Printer prints all events occurring in areas programmed Yes for this prompt regardless of any boundary restrictions.

This name is logged and reported to the central station for all the users in the group. To enable alarm verification on a point, program Resettable as Yes. Blank Users do not have disarm rights in this area. Points programmed for instant alarms generate alarms immediately, even during entry or exit delay.

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See the S Function Code prompt, 28 and 29, in Section 5. Boech no activity occurs during this period, no alarm is generated and the verification window ends. In typical applications where two phone numbers are programmed, the R Primary Device destination is the phone number the route group attempts to dial first.


A Exit Tone Default: Blank or E Default: They report also when a Diagnostic Report is initiated from a command center or by a Sked.

Dashes are replaced by zeros bpsch. Blank, 1 to 1 to 64 for DGA, B, or C Activates when the specified area becomes master armed exit delay must expire before the relay activates. Used for point arming and disarming. This area cannot send Perimeter Opening and Closing Reports.

Reports are boscj logged and printed on a local printer, if installed. The Index numbers are used in Point Assignments. Test Reports are set up as scheduled events. After the Account Opening Report is sent, disarming other areas in the account does not s9210b another Account Opening Report.

This program item enables a control panel, which shares a phone line with an answering machine, to communicate with RAM at the central station even though the answering machine answers the phone.

User Group Window times cannot be changed from the command center. User Group Example Perimeter Armed Relay was added to firmware versions 6.

Bosch DB Manuals

The bell output begins as soon as the fire alarm occurs. Program this prompt as Yes to initiate the door cycle sequence this includes shunting the point assigned to the door for the door number programmed in CC Assign Door when a user enters a valid passcode and presses [ENTER].

In BFSK, only one number is transmitted. CC Close Door Characters not listed are invalid and cannot be used for text. No Area is disabled. The next 16 bits second and third byte are used for the U Card Data.

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Bosch D9210b Series Access Control Interface Module

Fire Bell and Burg Bell. Any door that is active can be controlled by a user who has the door control authority enabled at a d92210b center with the doors area, assigned in the access handler, within its scope. The handler and the programming module are listed at the top of each page to help you find specific programming prompts.

Ordered Separately A power supply, and 1 DB. Enabling the function in the menu list does this by command center address. Usually indicates selections that you might use while programming your control panel.

D Users have access rights for this area only while it is disarmed. Use this setting for telephone systems where specified. RPS allows master areas to be armed without all associate areas being in the armed state. The armed state does not change in other areas, and the armed state does not change if the area is already in the perimeter instant or disarmed state.

It can also used to symbolize names for records that the user creates. Enter up to 24 of the following characters to define dialing characteristics. When ground fault detect is enabled S4 closedPoints 1 to 8 can be used for non-powered fireinitiating devices; such as, heat detectors, 4-wire smoke detectors, or pull stations.