Daniel Boyarin, Border Lines: The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity. (Philadelphia: University of Philadelphia Press. Border Lines has 88 ratings and 11 reviews. John said: Anyone interested in the origins of Christianity and its development into the Patristic era will. Michael Carden reviews Border Lines: The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity, In this book, Boyarin reads a range of Jewish and Christian texts from the early.

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Sign In Register Help Cart. The Logos of the Prologue [in John 1]—like the theological Logos in general. Paul and the Politics of Identity, and other books. But the kind that lurks within seemingly mundane actions. Owners name stamped on flyleaf and page ends. Boyarin argues that Justin is not portraying Jewish orthodoxy when he records their rejection of Logos, rather, he is constructing it.

And not the kind of conspiracy that consists of bizarre, extraordinary events.

Border Lines: The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity

Rather, Yavnean development evolved over time, which he explores further in chapter 7. His bold thesis will no doubt prove controversial and important. The obrder can be drawn, then, between those who believed in some form of the Logos some of whom believed in the particular form of the Logos known as Jesus and those that did not.

Constructing Early Christianity By defining some beliefs and practices as Christian and others as Jewish or heretical, they moved ideas, behaviors, and people to one side or another of an artificial border–and, Boyarin significantly contends, invented the very notion of religion.

Septian rated it liked it Jul 09, He describes Logos Theology as:. The sociological theories that contribute to the post-colonial project are quite sophisticated. The worst heretics for each camp were those who occupied the middle; each camp created itself as such, in fact, by defining itself against a pure conception of the other.


Michelle rated it liked it Sep 24, The Secret Gospel of Thomas “Encourages us to see historic Christianity as but one expression of a boyarln potential in Jewish monotheism. Boyarin approaches the phenomena as a post-colonial historian.

Trivia About Border Lines: The Secret Gospel of Boyaron. According to Boyaring, this Logos theology, which has often been considered the doctrine which demanded Christianity’s split away from Judaism, was not actually a Christian innovation.

He is the author borer Dying for God: Boyarin contends that this theological discourse served as the primary vehicle for establishing the difference between the two communities. Border Lines Ljnes Daniel, Boyarin. Print Flyer Recommend to Librarian.

To ask other readers questions about Border Linesplease sign up. Boyarin points to wisdom texts and hymns as aids in exploring this hypothesis further, noting that Philo identifies Sophia and Logos as a single entity. He is married to Monique, a human rights attorney.

The work is intensely provocative and innovative and bordsr destined to take its proper place as a modern classic among Boyarin’s previous works.

The Gospel of John, according to this view, when taken together with the Logos of Philo and with the targum, provides further important evidence that Logos theology, used here as a general term for various closely related binitarian theologies, was the religious koine of Jews in Palestine and the Diaspora.

What is unique about Philo is that his Logos theology is not just the Wisdom personified in the biblical text, and neither does it completely corroborate with Stoic or Platonic thought on the Logos. This is not a minor omission from Border Lines, as dibbur is used of a hypostatic Word in a number of midrashim attributed to rabbis of the second through fifth centuries C.

Want to Read saving…. Rather, Jesus-following Jews and Jews who did not follow Jesus lived on a cultural map in which beliefs, such as that in a second divine being, and practices, such as keeping kosher or maintaining the Sabbath, were widely and variably distributed.


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A respectful treatment of one another is important to us. As Boyarin proposes, the ultimate distinctions between Christianity and Judaism did not develop organically, but were artificially constructed.

The means by which these two communities would determine the answers to the very difficult questions of identity, Boyarin argues, is through heresiology. Really an amazing book that explains the fantastic and variated world os Second Temple Judaism. Joel C Verbist rated it liked it May 19, Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. So how did this come to be? Building on this point, Boyarin then delves into the beginnings of what will be a key component of his thesis, namely Logos theology, which we will explore further in a moment.

To be liens Christian was to be a not-Jew. His bold thesis will no doubt prove controversial and important.

Border Lines by Daniel, Boyarin-

Any historical event is an opportunity to dig up an underlying conspiracy. Even before its subsequent division, certain beliefs and practices of this composite would have been identifiable as Christian or Jewish. Boyarin thus manages lijes save Logos Jews from accusations of being Hellenized: The ultimate distinctions between Judaism and Christianity were imposed from above by “border-makers,” linss anxious to construct a discrete identity for Christianity.

Readers be warned, this is a rather complex work. Book corners show some curl.