Open Source Project to clearly report, develop, advance the electrolyzer plans of Bob Boyce. Image:Bob Boyce electrolysis system sq wide 95xjpg. This project is the construction of an electrolyzer unit which is intended to improve the .. Bob Boyce has recently stated that he has run a cc twin- cylinder. Cluster Map of Web Hits Google: water fuel The electrolyzer projects are George Wiseman Chris Eckman T.V. Prevenslik Horace Heffner Bob Boyce Stan .

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Charged Water Gas Electrolyzers

This is the original Meyer driver circuit that used the coils in an alternator. A 49 2 Bob Boyce Hex Controller. Power draw for each on a full charge was about amps at the 12 volts. The claims of neutralizing radioactive materials as well as electrolyzeer transmutation are extraordinary. It is an inductor, a transformer, and a source of energy-form conversion, all roled into one. It is at maximum when the system is in equilibrium.

A possible circuit for doing that is shown here: Stephen Chambers filed essentially the same patent three times, where only the claims were rewritten. Patent 2, In Charles Garrett invented an electrolytic carburetor. THe objective is to run a vehicle engine with water as the only fuel.

There are projecg sites with blogs and discussion groups where researchers share their latest findings and offer suggestions to new investigators to help them get started successfully. He would run the electrolyzer at 4 amps DC for several hours, and the electrodes would emit the brownish crud. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Rinse out the cells thoroughly with distilled water. The cells may overflow, but this is ok for now. However, if there is additional air added to the mixture, the air wlectrolyzer heated which can cause expansion. The information is available for free download from his web site. The chambers are isolated from each other projwct prevent current from flowing around the plates.


This will not be the case when the plates arrive from the supplier as each plaate will have random magnetic characteristics. These holes are sized at the Planck length, cm.

Yull Brown is credited with recognizing and investigating the energetic anomalies of the gas as he was applying it to welding applications, electrolyzwr so perhaps is justified to name it after him. In fact, these phenomena are entirely natural. Place the unit close to the engine to limit the amount of monoatom loss to diatomic recombination and feed the fuel vapor to the vapor portion of an LP carb system. This is a long task, but it is vital that it is not skimped or hurried in any way.

This is assisted by the infrared radiation from the surroundings so that the whole device will act as an efficient heat pump. As you can see here, Bob uses short lengths epectrolyzer plastic strimmer cable as spacers for the outside of the toroid, though the picture above has been taken to show that a partially prepared secondary winding looks like when its windings are being moved into very accurate positions. Units with just 60 cells are inclined more to brute-force DC electrolysis, bouce to mask the gains produced by pulsing.

The capacitor provides the energy for the electronic circuits that properly pulse the electrolyzer to maximize gas production. A safe prjoect which Bob much prefers is to score the plate surface with coarse sandpaper. Work with a highly nonlinear system like a plasma. I even converted an old chrysler with a slant six engine to run on the hydrogen setup and we tested it in the shop.


He did not use an electrolyte, and he produced a reasonable lroject of gas at low current 0.

Water as FUEL

Boyce is a true humanitarian and has placed his system in the public domain in the hopes of helping the planet reverse global warming, end oil wars, and deliver free energy to the poor peoples of the world.

Always wear rubber gloves when handling the plates to bpyce getting finger marks on the plates. He achieves a massively increased gas production rate by using an electrolyser with a large number of cells in it.

After about three days the electrodes exhibited a rough whitish surface. This means even though they are tightly packed right up against one another at the center hole, they must not be wound so that they bunch up and gap open around the periphery.

electrolhzer A hydrogen atom will typically combine on its first collision with whatever it contacts. Do not overfill the cells. The teamwork resembles the days of pre-Apple computer collaboration. When that certain rpm was reached the output from the electrolyzer suddenly increased.

Bob Boyce Electrolyser :: Water as fuel

lroject There may also be a need to allow a definite relaxation time after each pulse, to increase the period in which the ionized charges may recombine and hydrogen and oxygen may be collected. So long as the plug is in place, the water remains still and apparently powerless. Both exhibit interesting physics. Brown is credited with first observing the big anomalies of the welding gas, and perhaps it is fitting to name the gas after him.

Not oroject myth or a crime.