Title, Download. Bradstone Garden Paving & Walling. Bradstone Masonry Walling Brochure. Bradstone Stone Walling Overview. How to build a circular step. Domestic hard landscaping manufacturer, Bradstone, has launched a new brochure ahead of the gardening season. Designed to bring a. The Bradstone reconstituted walling range is widely accepted by planners for use in sensitive areas. The moulds which are taken from natural stone recreate the.

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Liscia Cream in Close Up.

StoneMaster Long Aspector Linear, or Plank, whatever you want to call the long-and-thin xmm version of flagstones that have become popular recently and rightly so! The flagstones are elevated so the whole shebang could be placed right outside a patio door to give that much-desired ‘level walk through’ with no risk of compromising DPC levels. The paving trade has had a tough few years of late, and no sector has had it tougher than reproduction riven flags.

All BRADSTONE catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

I know they don’t sell in hiuge quantities, but that’s no reason to hide them away so effectively. The text is concise and generally useful, printed in a clean, light sans-serif font which means it doesn’t detract from the imagery, which, as we know, is what really sells a paving. It’s A4, full-colour, with exactly pages of loveliness. Now, consider what’s been done here. Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary paving Ashbourne” P.

All BRADSTONE catalogs and technical brochures

If it had been Ancestry Original, or just Ancestry Buff, I wouldn’t be quite as confused, but just where has this sodding Abbey come from? Mode Textured in Beige. In summary, while there may not be a feast of new products on which we can gorge, the Collection represents a significant step forward from Bradstone.


Swatches are, by and large, as generous as is seemly, but by allowing them to float freely on an uncrowdedpage of crisp white, they carry more weight and authority. I think we can rest assured on that score! Users don’t go to such sites to be entertained; they are there looking for guidance and information presented as simply and as lucidly as possible.

Bradstone Brochure – hroc

It’s very Web 2. There are very few manufacturers in Britain that could, but it’s fair to say that Bradstone are one of them.

It’s much more airy and user-friendly. It’s a good idea, I can see the appeal, but it just doesn’t grab you straight away, as a good mission statement should. It’s a mid-range concrete patio flag that costs more per bradsone metre than the natural stone it attempts to ape.

Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary paving Restoration” P. There are more swatches per product, and they are much more representative, showing three or four mini-examples of each product so that the client gets a truer impression of the variation in colouring and texture that inevitably occurs with paving and hard-landscaping.

That feels better already!

It’s only old stick-in-the-muds like me that like websites to have a unique look and feel. It’s not as fancy-dan brocnure Cloisters, but not as basic as Weathered Riven. Individual flags could be omitted to be replaced by decorative aggs or boulders. Onwards and upwards into the exalted territories of Natural Stoneand, it appears, nothing shocking or unexpected here.


Bradstone Brochure 2017

Steps, and Copings and Edgings might not seem the most exciting of products but these mark a significant step no pun intended in the evolution of Porcelain bradstoone a paving material, and as such, they should be featured more prominently, or at least flagged up again, no pun intendedin the main Porcelain section to show how designs can be extended and developed by incorporating complementary ancillary fittings.

Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Traditional paving Gironde” P. Still, we’ve seen far worse over the years: This is such a versatile form of paving which promises much once the market conditions are right, so the move to create a long aspect version is sensible and very welcome.

Obviously, once the market for ceramics settles down, manufacturers such as Bradstone will put money into developing complementary sizes and contrast pieces, but for now, it’s one size fits all, and that. The text is probably a little more verbose says he! In fact, I think it may well become the most popular of the lot in the north — those darn sarff will still prefer the softer Cotswold and Limestone colours.

After years of having a pretty naff website, a whole new site was rolled out just before close-of-business at Christmas and although it’s still being tested, it is a ma-hoo-sive improvement on the previous version.