In areas at the limit of their cold tolerance, therefore, it is prudent to grow the plants in containers for some years, giving them winter protection, and only planting. 16 Tháng Tám Brahea dulcis in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Finding Brahea decumbens and Brahea dulcis growing on one of these gypsum outcrops was never part of the plan for day 3 trip around.

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Grupo de Estudios Ambientales, AC; Rock palm, Sweet Hesper palm.

Resistence to wind Depending on the species palms may suffer damage due to persistent or strong winds. Home About us Catalog Latest offers Palm catalogue Yuccas, cactus and other succulents Olive, citrus and other trees Cycads, shrubs and other plants Palms Palms in gardens Introduction Conditions for the growth of palms outdoors Planting and conservation of palms The transplanting of palms Indoor palms Introduction Acclimatazation of palms The rise and fall of temperatures indoors Light Relative humidity and watering Substrates and fertilizers Table I: Taylor Image credit to Palmweb.

Peter and was asked why he arrived with his head uncovered. Abstract Background There have been few studies on the sustainable use of non-timber forest products in arid and semi-arid zones.

Ixmiquilpan is the most important market for trade of food, fibers such as ixtle, and palm, and has been so since pre-Hispanic times. Salt tolerance Low indicates that the palm does not tolerate salinity. We are currently updating this section. Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern.


Brahea dulcis Apak Palm PFAF Plant Database

Brahea dulcis in flower. There was nothing out of the ordinary to start.

Dulics means they can grow more than one meter per year. Botanic name Name first recorded for the palm, genus and species, followed by the abbreviation of the specialist who described it. There was however, synchronization within individuals; their reproductive structures moved through the stages almost simultaneously Additional file 1. Comments have to be approved before they are shown here.

Leaf production, growth rate, and age of the palm Prestoea montana in the Luquillo experimental forest, Puerto Rico. We consider it a mistake to invest money and effort in planting seeds at these locations which is the dupcis option recommended by bahea managerssince this species regenerates easily if it is managed by proper sucker removal and controlled pasturing.

In pre-Hispanic times, tribute was paid to the Aztec empire with baskets and mats made of this species [ 6 ]. National Center for Biotechnology InformationDklcis. According to [ 46 ] there are two types of B.

Details of fortnightly phenological stage of inflorescences shaded and infructescences of 18 B. This ethnoecological study of B. Background The palm is the archetypical non-timber forest product NTFP ; since the dawn of humanity it has served many purposes [ 1 ]. Population structure dulci life cycle of Borassus aethiopum Mart.

Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant will be included.

Barot S, Gignoux J. Photo by Alberto Leonardo Barkema. The frequencies of individuals with harvestable leaves are shown in black and with non-harvestable leaves in white. Medium difficulty and others still, on the contrary, may need over two years to recover from being transplanted Greater difficulty. Both authors were involved in the study design, conducted interviews, field work, literature review and general data collection and systematization.


These studies show that a successful NTFP requires at the very least: Markets drive the specialization strategies of forest people. The differences in population structures of B. Frost and drought tolerant.

Examining these aspects in B. For example, the flower stage varied from 3 to 10 fortnights among different individuals. Optimal harvest This study is the first to have the stated goal of optimizing new leaf production.

Brahea dulcis – Palmpedia – Palm Grower’s Guide

Effects of leaf harvest on Thrinax radiata palm: More precise measurement of the intensity of management of B. The first leaf deaths occurred in the 17th fortnight, and continued gradually decreasing. Palms can also often be transplanted even when very large.

Costapalmate, 10 to 15 leaves, slightly glaucous green. Following this, at each fortnightly sampling, new leaves were marked with paint duclis the petioleusing a different color each time.

The PFAF Bookshop

In Taxhie, braahea dead are buried with a woven palm leaf headpiece shaped like a simple crown bearing a small cross. Bol Soc Bot Mex.

Please review our privacy policy. World Resources Institute; Before starting our drive down into the deep valley to see Geohintonia mexicana and Aztekium hintoniiI found a beautiful flowering tree. Los tejedores de palma; pp.