Exposition of the Sutra of Brahma’s Net. Edited and Translated by A. Charles Muller. Published by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Distributed by the. At that time, he contemplated the wonderful Jewel Net hung in Lord Brahma’s palace and preached the Brahma Net Sutra for the Great Assembly. He said. Sūtra of the Brahma Net: Rocana Buddha Pronounces the Chapter on the Bodhisattva Precepts Arising from the Mind Ground. Translated from Sanskrit into .

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Taisho or the Brahmajala Sutra is located here.

Brahmajala Sutta

All Bodhisattvas learned, will learn, and do learn them. Because I have attained to such a state of concentration that I dwell perceiving the world as finite up-and-down, and infinite across.

Then all Buddhas will be delighted, and all ghosts and spirits will protect braahmajala a king or official. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Barhmajala a Bodhisattva disregards the seating order, it is a minor sin.

Whatever ascetics and Brahmins Suggestive speech and abusive speech can each be included under either false speech or divisive speech. Thus it is recognized that the first three classes of “eel-wrigglers” have a moral conscience.

He will go down one of the three evil life-paths and, for two or three kalpas, btahmajala will not hear the names of his parents or the Three Jewels. And thus disputing, they followed close behind the Buddha and his order of monks. If one, with no understanding of bfahmajala Dharma, acts as a teacher and imparts the precepts to others, it is a minor sin.


Then the Lord, being aware of what those monks were saying, went to the Round Pavilion and sat down on the prepared seat.

Buddha Sutras

DA points out that it involves refraining from other forms of erotic behavior besides intercourse. For there is another self which, by passing entirely beyond the Sphere of No-Thing-ness and seeing: Wrong view 35 – Wrong view number brahjajala The abovementioned ascetics and Brahmins recalled how they had name, family, heirs, food, joy and sadness, then death and rebirth in their past lives.

But at the breaking-up of the body and the exhaustion of the life-span, Devas and humans will see him no more. The sutra itself claims that it is the final chapter of a much longer Sanskrit text, but such a text has never been found. Wrong view 13 – September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

It also states ten major precepts for Bodhisattvas Chinese: Hence, if a disciple lacks faith and filial piety towards the Triple Jewel, and even assists evil persons or those of aberrant views to slander the Triple Jewel, he commits a Parajika offense.

Even if the king is assassinated by someone, one should not take revenge. These precepts came to be treated in China as a higher ethic a monk would adopt after ordinationin addition to the monastic rules. Thus, according to the law of Twelve Related Chain of Cause and Effects Pratitya-samutpadathe people who believe in one of many of these sixty-two beliefs, will end up in round cycle of sufferings; as they have not found the truth on the cease of sufferings.


Sutra of the Brahma Net, 梵網經: 盧舍那佛說菩薩心地戒品卷下

If one purposely visits such places, it is a minor sin. Pallaka is also the couch on which one sits cross-legged. If one purposely invites particular monks, it is a minor sin.

Since he does not view it in the wrong way, he realizes by himself the extinction of defilements i. RD brahjajala out that this and other passages disprove the idea that consciousness vinnana transmigrates.

As a common noun, dharma is anything mental, physical, event. Nyanaponika Thera, Abhidhamma Studies, 2nd.

Brahma Net Sutra – Dhamma Wiki

There is no other way. One should explain to them the order and development of the thirty minds [on the Bodhisattva Way], i. Writing was known, but was not used by the Buddha or other teachers of the day.

As a disciple of the Buddha, he ought to be compassionate and filial, helping all sentient beings develop the good roots of non-contention. I don’t say it is not.

Mindfulness sati is all-important. As a monk he should not have sexual relations with any female — be she a human, animal, deity or spirit — brahmajaal create the causes, conditions, methods, or karma of such misconduct. But, there is also atta of mind: For the Theravada text of the same name, see Brahmajala Sutta Theravada. These beings rush round, circulate, pass away and re-arise, but barhmajala remains for ever.

This is the third case. All articles of CBE.