Bastet is the first of the Breedbook series: sourcebooks about the other Changing Breeds of Werewolf: The Apocalypse — in this case, the Bastet: werecats. Bastet: The Players Guide to Werecats for Werewolf: The Apocalypse Changing Breed Book 1. by Phil Brucato with Bill Bridges and Richard Dansky. White Wolf. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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The Fallen Orpheus Vampire: I am strange and mysterious.

Bastet White Wolf Werewolf Ww3075 The Apocalypse Changing Breed Book 1 97-98

There may be hope for the Ahadi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the end of the outline it says there is a section on the lost breeds, gotta say, really looking forward to this part in particular. I forgot about them. But it would be nice to have sidebars regarding the revised edition development, especially the Ahadi stuff. All the Changing Breeds were created to aid Gaia in some way, with a specific if general purpose.

To be honest, I never minded the Yava. Again, unless someone had a REALLY good reason for knowing them, no one should have ever known the Yava ever existed, let alone what they were.

Changing Breeds – Onyx Path Publishing

Brfedbook Mokole resent their wallows being open in theory to other changing breeds, as do the Garou. Also… Fera Around the World at 4, words? Originally announced as part of W20 Kickstarter as “Houses of the Moon” [2].

The other thing is this too: V20 was retconned but the authors still choose to include bastett 3rd Maelstrom. Hishtpah were just cats that had gotten corrupt, twisted, or breedbok over time, where Hellcats were the cats that, right before the apocalypse, were actually forced to walk the spiral like BSDs.


Very happy to hear this. Now on a more serious note; a lot of the comments above are focused on the settings that were very fera-intensive in their scope. I hope it sell enough that we get the books I crave, but I definitely will be able to enjoy those books better from that point of view.

Very excited about this book! For example, All Bastets have them and they would have a list in the book from which to choose with ideas and guidelines to create new ones. I would dearly love to see something done about this. Retrieved from ” https: And it was a good choice. Which is great, but it would be excellent to see how things could have turned out years later — an Ahadi-fell apart scenario and an Ahadi-held together scenario, for example.

Where do we sit with updates on this book? Smells a little of runt of the litter really. WHY does Gaia need them to live forever?

Let us know when we can preorder the Werewolf 20th please! Having a big bad omnipotent NPC is not a good setting background, especially since his death made a lot of things better game wise and retconning it would be akin to moving from good to bad.

Even the gifts in Past Lives are explicitly said to be garou-oriented gifts based on the breeds, not gifts the breeds themselves used. I can see the advantage of having all of those rules in the same place, but since each one is likely treated quite differently, breedboik it be better to just have exclusive information all presented in the same chapter?

The notion that the Bastet have these super-secret, bastst secrets that they have to guard. I thought Neko were in A World of Rage? And lastly European lion really? Listed on Onyx Path Homepage — Schedule. What role do they fulfil for Gaia so much better than any other Changing Breed? Any chance we could get a little more on possible friendly relations with Garou? Give it to us!


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Not to mention, when it comes to Lost Breeds: One of the things that made werewolf players sad when the apocalypse came is that we didnt got to see the Ahadi blooming! With so many different species working together, and the continent in general being very much one of the last true wilds, there became internal issues and fights to preserve the natural beauty.

Bark of the Mud Puppy in my version of Mokole. I really really hope we do. With Ahadi in place, Africa suddenly became a place you wanted to play in, to explore the Beast Courts.

I would prefer seeing more info on them, as it will be probably their only appearance for the foreseeable future. I agree that there seemed to be a little bit of a stretch in places where sometimes it was suggested that different groups had friendlier relations to some groups than others Breednook and Shadow Lords seem like they might have some connection there too, what with their Storm Crows and allbut I really would like to see that animosity and dis-trust being a strong force when playing, or meeting up with Fera.

W20 marks the first Werewolf corebook that includes a section on the Changing Breeds, giving game information enough to create Storyteller characters.