Bastet is the first of the Breedbook series: sourcebooks about the other Changing Breeds of Werewolf: The Apocalypse — in this case, the Bastet: werecats. Bastet: The Players Guide to Werecats for Werewolf: The Apocalypse Changing Breed Book 1. by Phil Brucato with Bill Bridges and Richard Dansky. White Wolf. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is just the start. W20 marks the first Werewolf corebook that includes a section on the Changing Breeds, giving game information enough to create Storyteller characters.

Changing Breeds goes above and beyond that, giving background, traits, and mechanics for all of the non-Garou shapeshifters in the World of Darkness. Have a look at the outline and see what you think.

Very happy to hear this. I AM very much looking forward to this, but one thing I have felt consistently missing from the Changing Breed books breebdook the Wyrm-tainted versions Buzzards at least 4 pages in BotWyrm2, but Hellcats just got a passing reference. Actually, as I understand it the Hishtpah and the Hellcats were distinct. Hishtpah were just cats that had gotten corrupt, twisted, or evil over time, where Hellcats were the cats that, right before the apocalypse, were actually forced to walk the spiral like BSDs.

Baste religious devotion to the wyrm, vs simply being overly influenced by it. Personally I was always a bit disappointed that there was never any kind of update to the ajaba. They had a passing mention in the bastet book but the actions of the Ahadi and their redemption was always kind of neat to me.

And because werehyenas are associated with blacksmiths: During brredbook Ice Age there were giant spotted hyenas throughout Eurasia. A bit sad there are still no plans for Bunyip expansions or form stats, but there will be more room for the CB themselves here.

My main request for the Changing-Breeds is to totally redo how movement speed is calculated. This results basteg Swara, for example, having ridiculous Dexterity modifiers in their non-homid forms.

It also makes no sense — of all the animals Changing-Breeds can become, wolves are the ONLY ones that can cover long distances with the same kind of speed that humans can which is why our nomadic ancestors domesticated them so much earlier than other animals. Even unburdened horses slow humans down over long distances — their value is more in carrying and pulling stuff.

Cats can sprint better than us but bastft of them, breedboo, cheetahs, have anything like our long-distance endurance. And snakes, well you get the picture. Movement speed should not be determined using the same formula for every animal and form. I gotta say, knowing that Stew is working on W20 makes me that much more stoked to see the final product.

Please dont do it before the Ahadi! One of the things that made werewolf players sad when the apocalypse came is that beeedbook didnt got to see the Ahadi blooming! Oh man, I hope the Kickstarter opens soon so Breedbooi can throw money at it. Only better, because now I have disposable income….

First of all, a quick question: I can see breedbok advantage of having all of those rules in the same place, but since each one is likely treated quite differently, might it be better to just have exclusive information all presented in the same chapter?


Also… Fera Around the World at 4, words? Probably a Richard question. The 3 thousand word count on the lost bfeedbook worries my quite a bit. I hope we get the background infromation as well as the forms and rank 4 and 5 gifts.

Give it to us! Not to mention all the dang hints White Wolf would drop from time to time about this in certain books.

List of Werewolf: The Apocalypse books – Wikipedia

Which were never mentioned again after that book. Because basteet page book will never exhaust our thirst for all things Fera.

I thought Neko were in A World of Rage? It was one of the things that made me happy to own PGttCB, as beeedbook allowed to play varied campaigns. Moving back to Black Tooth makes Africa pretty shallow to play in, as it forces the players into a single type of campaign players against Black Tooth tyranny.

Having a big bad omnipotent NPC is not a good setting background, breeebook since his death made a lot of things better game wise and retconning it would be akin to moving from good to bad. Tools — do we really need 9K words for secondary rules?

I would be more happy with extra space devoted to Lost Breeds than delirium effects or pack tactics. I would prefer seeing more info on them, as it will be probably their only appearance for the foreseeable future. This is a good point. Even the gifts in Past Lives are explicitly said to be garou-oriented gifts based on the breeds, not gifts the breeds themselves used.

First off, Africa pre-Ahadi was a game breedbpok hyenas were evil of course. Africa was simply a continent of savage war. With Ahadi in place, Africa suddenly became a place you wanted to play in, to explore the Beast Courts. But more than that, it gave the continent its due in culture. With so many different species working together, and the continent in general being very much one of the last true bredebook, there became internal issues and fights to preserve the natural beauty. It also gave Africa a needed leg-up, giving players from there a chance to see their continent treated with respect.

The Ahadi underlined the feel of Werewolf revised, where much of the bad press surrounding certain groups was done away with Bredbook Fang incompetence, Shadow Lord maliciousness towards others, Ajaba description. And it was a good choice. I bwstet that the Ahadi was the best setting outside the west of WW.

I am sorry to say, but as a Brazilian fan of the oWoD, it saddens me to see how bad south america and pretty much everywhere no west with the bgeedbook of Asia for some things were treated. I would absolutely love to buy an Ahadi book. So very very much… Actually:.

To be honest, and without meaning to insult anyone. And to be entirely sincere, I have several books that cover the same topics from a slightly different perspective and a lot of word count is spent repeating information I already have… sometimes twice.

To me the Ahadi and the Black Spiral Dancers are the obvious two contenders that have extremely high potencial for awesome hardcover full coverage books. That said, I have all the Fera books ever made and my Fera collection is my most precious book collection.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

And I will be sure to grab this one too. W20 is a celebration of Werewolf: As was explained in the W20 panels and other places by Rich and Eddy, had they wanted to make a 4th Edition, they would have made very different changes both to V20 and to W20but W20 basically takes things back to before Revised and re-engineers things to fit into a contemporary today setting.


The other thing is this too: Well, to be honest Torakhan, I indeed knew nothing of this. Long story short, I work in the video game industry. I can garantee you that it implies fairly crazy work hours. Even though, I do try. Seriously, thanks a lot for that, BTW. I love the idea of the W20 to feel like the early days, because a lot of what WW did back then was extremely AWESOME, and to my mind much more heartfelt, cultural deep and artistic than anything in 3rd ed.

But, the fact remains for me: What am I going to learn about the world of Werewol: Granted, there will be the inclusion of anything taking into account that will be of the utmost interest to me.

Or do they embrace completely this digitization of life itself?

Changing Breeds – Onyx Path Publishing

So if you already have all of the 1st, 2nd, and Revised books, why bashet you need W20? I hope that I can continue to keep everyone as informed as possible through the many sites and methods as I can. So long as I continue to evangelize W20 and find new people to are discovering W20s existence, then I feel like my time is worth it. It give me a better perspective. I hope it sell enough that we get the books I crave, but I definitely will be able to enjoy those books better from that point of view.

Not to mention, when it comes to Lost Breeds: The Okuma are going to be basfet again in the Beast Courts section. The other problem with Black Tooth: Did White Wolf know that the University of California at Berkeley moved a bunch of spotted hyenas before that date into California for study?

And what if I wanted to run a campaign before stinking Black Tooth? The other problem you run into is the Hyena King. Ah, you guys have changed my mind.

They are awesomer than Hell and since W20 updates everything to the 21st century, not telling how the Ahadi are or could be doing would be a lost opportunity. PGttCB only whet the appetite, truly.

Which is great, but it would be excellent to see how things could have turned out years bxstet — an Ahadi-fell apart scenario and an Ahadi-held together scenario, for example. Depending on how important Stew thinks the whole African Zoo stuff was to the setting of Werewolf: Wow, never saw a whole line of argumentation dismissed by a R. But jokes and bell peppers aside, 2ed had lots of story problems. Black Tooth was one of them, as it made playing Ajaba almost impossible and Africa uninteresting to most players.

The whole Ahadi in Changing Breeds argument is not about the vision of the setting but about not limiting player options. Yes, because there are WtA fans around the world who want to see their own countries portrayed as they should, rather than overlooked. Stew may very well be taking notes too and making alterations to his thoughts on the African setting as he reads this.

Is there a way for the Ahadi bastdt exist at the same time as Black Tooth to be an opposition for him? Perhaps if the Kitsune breedbook had been released as a separate YotL supplement for Werewolf, and the extra space devoted to the nitty-gritty in Hengeyokai?