Most widely held works about Bresciani Valdés Castillo Huidobro. Bresciani Valdés Castillo Huidobro by Fernando Pérez Oyarzún(Book). Audience Level. Bresciani, Valdés, Castillo, Huidobro by Ricardo Braun Menéndez; 1 edition; First published in ; People: Carlos Bresciani, Carlos G. Bresciani Valdés Castillo Huidobro (Spanish Edition) eBook: Fernando Pérez: : Kindle Store.

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Therefore, the urban module introduced temporality as a projective ingredient along with an idea of morphological substitution, making the tower at the heart of the block to coexist with the traditional neighborhood.

In spite of the verticality of the towers there was a predominant, strong horizontality determined by the heights, which was the same for them all, independent of variations at the ground level. La arquitectura de la ciudad.

At the heart of the studio there was a large common space. On the 16th December the Ministerio de la Vivienda y Urbanismo was created. Beesciani scope and complexity made it necessary to outline certain generic project criteria such as, for example, the determination of typologies to be used in different contexts.

the dark side of the architecture

Facing variables such as financing, program or the actual availability of land, the model allowed for the displacing those typified elements until some satisfactory level of concretion was reached. The most significant and recent was the invitation of Alberto Cruz y Godofredo Iommi to teach the Amereida Seminary Santiago in the year Treated as a brick, it was the product of an equation whose terms were only partially submitted to architectural criteria, representing a condition of optimization and an urban opportunity for renovation.

Although the extensive use of the typology risked of dismissing the potential of the different urban locations, in some cwstillo exceptions were permitted in order to acknowledge the specificity of the project.


Freedom to build; dweller control of the housing process. This was evidenced in the logo of the new Corporation, which combined a reading of the morphology of traditional blocks with the introduction of the urban module for western Santiago, illustrating an interpretation of the city as a project and its intimate relationship with architecture Casitllo.

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In this plan, where a sort of matrix idea of the city was used, CORMU huidobri the urbanization of the foothills in view of an alternative urban condition with the benefits of nature where people of different socioeconomic levels would mix “…in conditions of nature air, sun, greeneryin which… the different socioeconomic levels would be completely urbanized, definitively abandoning the current situation of segregation…” 9.

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Among the differences that appeared in these stages are, for instance, the relationships to the borders and the definition of the central spaces. It is not coincidental that none of CORMU projects were completed integrally according to their original plans.

Estadio Carlos Dittborn

Chilean cities have had few exceptional moments. Independent of the individual characteristics of its architects, CORMU kept to the canons vzldes modern urbanism by adopting spatial fluidity and the prevalence of green spaces as generic objects.

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Bresciani Valdés Castillo Huidobro – Fernando Pérez Oyarzún – Google Books

This axis contrasted the centrality of the park as a long line crossing an oval. Furthermore, the presence of large urban models would give the studio a character similar to the strategy room of a high military command: It was an exceptional period of significant state intervention in the development of cities under a social and equalitarian ideal.


On an international level, it is worth recalling certain relevant facts: Because of this CORMU can be differentiated from other public departments linked to the problem of the city, as they were created as institutions dedicated to specific aspects of the urban spectrum: In the project this utopian and totalizing intention reappeared, and in other moments the intention of a fragmented urban insertion was seen.

The paths traced by the two architecture schools clearly diverge in substantial aspects: On the one hand the aim of the city as a readable figure, as a stable and recognizable image understood under the goal of permanence. Few vestiges of the idea of a large-scale park remain today.

Casa Santos: Bresciani-Valdes-Castillo-Huidobro – Google Books

Such method led to the definition of the housing tower format with six apartments per floor, and its twenty-storey height, establishing a key unit in San Borja that was later adopted by many other projects figs.

Ultimately, CORMU opted for the form and not for its oblivion and, independent of their origins, its architects always took that path. From the images and realizations that remain there prevail characteristics of modern urbanism in its orthodox streams: Revista CA 18 junio, The archives were destroyed so it would be impossible to reconstitute in detail the evolution brescianj the projects of the Corporation FIG.

Furthermore, the San Borja Park would absorb the green courtyards of the old hospital, materializing another level of interaction between the existing brescizni the new city.