I was wondering if anyone has used this method and could give a Thank you for your interest in the M2 Method ebook. Brian Schwab. Brian Schwab – Minimalist M2 Method – Essential Training Economy for Maximal Results [].pdf. Download ( MB) · English · 日本語 · Português (Brazil). I have finally begun my training with the legendary Brian Schwab, as a sort of guinea pig for his new training program, “The Minimalist Method”.

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Brian Schwab Sep 09, Btian though I didn’t get my total like I wanted, at the end of the day I still made a 54 lb. By far my most successful and enjoyable meet. It is essential training economy for maximal results.

The Minimalist Method – Day #4, Week #1 | I Lift So I Can Eat.

I have to admit that aside from Elitefts and my Facebook page there’s not a lot of information out there about the M2 Method, but I’m working on getting more exposure. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

I am pretty much making weekly PRs, which is something I haven’t been able to do since I was brand new to lifting. This allows you to access up to 5 total downloads. From wraps and singlets to briefs and suits, here are the things I believe you should be wearing when you step on the platform. And he does so in a manner that keeps the training variable and exciting.


The industry has reached a point of over-saturation of Internet training advice. Last workout before the meet.

Covers everything from the foundations for beginning lifters to improving technique munimalist advanced lifters. Benches can almost always be found in commercial gym free weight areas. Hated myself for the first 2 liters, but then realized that one of my coworkers had some BCAAs, so it’s much more enjoyable to drink now.

So I’m still on cloud nine. New Items Strength Equipment.

How to Use the M2 Method in a Commercial Gym / Elite FTS

Current best gym lifts: Click Here for a one-stop shop of our most important resources. Posts must be specific to improving physical fitness and promote useful discussion 3. No threads that are answered by the Wiki, searching, or Google. Keep what is useful, discard that which is not. Just a couple more days now! As a side note, my bench has really been suffering the past couple of weeks and has gone way down, although my squat and deadlift are remaining strong.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The main movements incorporate a gradually increasing range of motion ROM allowing for you to train with higher percentages while reducing your risk of injury followed by two or three accessory exercises focused on hypertrophy and balance. Mnimalist it Christine, nice to see you logging again.


Brian Schwab’s M2 Method eBook

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The most common question I have been asked is how to use the M2 Method at a commercial gym. Sign up for the Latest News and Offers. No self promotion, surveys, or market research.

I am well aware of your reputation and experience; I just wanted a more tangible preview of what your program entailed.

The only Powerlifting ebook designed specifically for equipped lifters. I have eliminated the exercises that were more likely to cause injury and based the program off achieving the most gains in the least amount of minijalist and reps. Especially given how it has gone down the drain the past few weeks.

Still water loading to play things on the safe side though. Brian Schwab 20 minutes, 42 seconds Jan 13, Your mom will pity you.

On a good note, I started a new job, officially, as a personal trainer.