At first glance to Carol Berkin’s a Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution I felt uneasy. I predicted it was going to be reading a short “textbook”. Berkin describes the making of the U.S. Constitution. A Brilliant Solution: inventing the American Constitution. Author: Carol Berkin. Harcourt, Inc., Read “A Brilliant Solution Inventing the American Constitution” by Carol Berkin with Rakuten Kobo. We know–and love–the story of the American Revolution.

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Consequently, they agreed to keep the details of their discussions secret from the public.

Needless to say, it was hard to “debate” one statement after I got a little over words. Others were vain, ambitious, even unscrupulous in their political and private relationships Farther north peace, not war, had dealt the crushing blow to New England”s economy.

The Bill of Rights.

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Nov 21, Svitlana rated it it was amazing. As much as I looked forward to reading this book, I really regret reading it. This is a great book for high school students to read provided they have time, which I’m sure they don’t alongside their textbook. In her talk on Book TV, Berkin described what interested her in the topic.

In Berkshire and Hampshire Counties, the busiest workers were local carpenters, called upon to construct larger jails. You submitted the following rating and review.

This book contains many themes such as secrecy, power, tyranny, trust, as well as the speed of transportation and communication back then. Soluton of the executive was intriguing, as was the skepticism by which the founders approached power, wanting t Another quick read.

We had to read this for AP U. The American Revolutionary war ended in I would assume some people did not want to be organized and bermin an actual, efficient government, because they enjoyed the free rein they had, and did not want to lose it for example, criminals.


What I have learned from this reading was that for every action there is a reason, for every outcome and problem there is a solution, except in some cases the solution may not seem as clear LOVED IT!

A riveting narrative account of the motivations, endeavors, and results of the Solutkon Convention.


It helps give me a better, fulfilling, understanding and I truly benefit from that. This is not right, because a government should have organization and proper contemplation, and it should not be a disorganized mess. Virginia and South Carolina cheerfully squeezed what they could out of hapless North Carolina.

You end up appreciating the slow, painful processes of diplomacy as these representatives from various colonies try to find ways to come to agreement such as the infamous compromise on how enslaved people csrol be counted for purposes of congressional representation. Other sovereign rights claimed by the states hurt domestic trade.

I thought it was interesting of the whole concept of going back to history to try to solve present problems.

Carol Berkin does a profound job at explaining the American Constitution. Berkin transports the reader into the hearts and minds of the founders, exposing their fears and their limited expectations of success. Disgruntled Vermont farmers, who had declared their independence from New York indemanded that the new American government, the Confederation Congress, recognize their statehood. Here “men of their times,” In her talk on Book TV, Berkin described what interested her in the topic.

A lucid study in constitutional history and a meditation on the decline of small-r republican values in the age of the imperial presidency. Harvest Books, pgs There are countless history textbooks that tell of the Constitutional Convention.


A Brilliant Solution by Carol Berkin – Review | BookPage | BookPage

Slowly, Americans realized their wolution dilemma: A concise account of the deliberations of the framers of the Constituion, and the conflicting ideas from which the structure of the federal government emerged.

For the sake of a balance of power they decided to give the chief executive the power to veto legislation — as some Europeans had offered to their constitutional monarchs. Soluion delegates went into the convention concerned about the creation of a new congress and with many seeing the presidency as other than a critical branch of government.

And if there were a tie, members of the House of Representatives would select which would be the president. Inventing the American Constitution. Return to Book Page.

A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution – Carol Berkin – Google Books

You’ve successfully reported this review. A rich narrative portrait of post-revolutionary America and the men who shaped its political future. The men involved in creating the new government brilliant the United States become men again in this book, not the “mythical founders who could do no wrong”, or, as it sometimes comes across now that we are struggling with come to terms with their flaws, “the dastardly founders whose flaws make it impossible to admit they did some things right.

For these Revolutionaries, the rallying cry of “No taxation without cxrol had meaning only in the context of their local colonial assemblies, now free from the oppression of the British Parliament and the British king.