Bringers of the Dawn. by Barbara Marciniak. Barbara Marciniak spent more than hours channeling information from the Pleiadians, then. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak, is a channeled material that Cassiopaeans had suggested for.

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They answered, “You are going to piece this together using your intuition only. Healing myself was all I focused on. Jun 04, Andrea Marley rated it really liked it.

It is meant to be for you to read, brinegrs no mistake: By using your intuition, you will be guided and tested to see if you can perform and complete a project without your logical mind knowing the steps that are coming next.

Jun 30, Randy rated it it was amazing. Individuals, simply by coming together and jointly intending what they want – jointly becoming a telepathic receptacle for energies from all over the cosmos – will change the face of the universe. The Pleiadians told me that the process of this book would be the most bringera teaching of my life, and I agree.

They said that I was to listen to the tapes and transcribe only the pieces that I felt would go into the book. The creator gods are coming back to barrbara you again because they don’t want to starve.

If an energy attempts to frighten you, manipulate you, or control you, it is not an energy that would be in your highest interest to work with. It was only recently that I was impulsed by the P’s, as I have affectionately come to call them, to reexamine old photos from childhood and to reconsider my interpretation of who I thought I was. As members of the Family of Light, you agreed to come to Earth many times – in many guises and in many different time frames – to learn the ropes, to figure out the character, and to become trained.


They came here because they wanted this place for many of their own reasons. They fought at one time and separated themselves from knowledge, so now they desperately hold onto their existing knowledge and onto life as they have evolved it into being. As members of the Family of Light, you bring information to the planet neutrally to stimulate your own growth.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians

The original species, human creation, experienced great destruction and was scattered. Remember, consciousness is within all things, and consciousness was never invented, it simply was. It will be a tremendous exercise for you. What we are saying is that people will put a belief system and a paradigm on these entities. You are members of the Family of Light. Nov 12, Pete rated it really liked it.

The series ended with a rebirthing that was one of the most powerful experiences in my life. As we have mentioned, in a free-will universe, all is allowed by Prime Creator.

Bringers of the Dawn

They disrupted the informational frequency inside human beings, changed the DNA, and gave you the double helix so that you could be kept in ignorance. Because of that new love of myselfI have drawn wonderful friends into my life who have become a family to me. They have gifted me with so many things. You know all of this inside you, and as you barbzra to open the history of who you are, some’ of you will begin to access reptilian memories.

Who Your Gods Are.

The Pleiadians replied, “Ideally, yes, you will send out the announcement that you are beginning the book. I am torn with this book. One of the things that we like to teach you is that it is up to you to decide what to do. Sipping Balinese coffee, Barnara was feeling nurtured by my surroundings and the lush vegetation that framed my view.


You yourself chose to be here.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

This process is an incredible evolutionary leap for one to be involved in, and it is going to take place on an accelerated path for the next twenty years. In the Bible, many of these beings have been combined to represent one being, when they were not one being at all, but a combination of very powerful, extraterrestrial light – being energies. They would like to turn this universe into the frequency of love so that it can have the opportunity to go out and seed other worlds.

As this information is being beamed to you, your body must be able to receive it, transduce it, boost it, and beam it back out to others. Tera, Karen, and the P’s somehow schemed this book into being.

It is this that you are intending to remember. I was to play with this and change the artwork every night if I wished. As Guardians of Light, you are going to create options of reality and bring them to the mass consciousness of the planet.

The wind is whipping around, showing you there are great stirrings in the air. It gave willingly and freely of its capabilities. Have we not entrapped you, enticed you, convinced you of your free will so that you could choose to vibrate marcniak a certain frequency? You are in disguise as humans, and you allow a process to take place. There have been many influential factors that have created the course of history on Earth.