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VI Error accrua Operator Remove the nose piece from the wedge inserted into the scanform. This key is linked with a green LED allowing to attract your attention to the necessity to press on this key to execute the shape scanning cycle. III Changing a finishing wheel The Z axis menu is displayed. Diagram – The scanning screen comes up.

Encoder Types The following table describes the different encoders to adjust. The polycarbonate correction may be different to zero. Stylus Introduction rho test Sx VII Shapes in Memory Step 1 Action Access to the adjustment dialogue.

Yes No 4 Press the Yes key. Safety bevel 8 key. Unmarked key Fct6 to Fct9its meaning depends of ,anual parameter displayed facing this key.

On top of that, errors and omissions can occur, although all is performed to avoid them. It is useless in the case of a direct water supply installation. Step 1 Action Access to the following manua dialogue.


Press the Next key to finish the consultation. Step Action 1 Switch off the machine. ActionIllustrationRemove the edger cover guard, by using the key contained in accessory box.

Briot Accura Calibration Manual

Check there is no lens debris preventing a normal motion of the lens feelers. According to the type of machine, the following screen comes up. Procedure Follow the steps below to perform the adjustment. Make sure that your power source manuzl to the voltage indicated in the edgers nameplate, located on the rear of the machine.

Fct5 Delete all the protected jobs in memory. Step 1 Action Hold the Diagram key while you switch on the edger. Will deactivate some functions of the machine for a simpler use by beginner.

These products directly or even by their simple vapors: Mineral Wheel Radius Polish. Remove the carriage flange. Accurx Network Connector 8 Mount the chucks and the centring accjra piece scanform contained in the accessory box.

The shape appears on the screen with its edging parameters. Does an emergency stop. Automatic dressing Lens sizes adjustment 2 Select the line Automatic dressing.

The operator has the choice to continue or stop the edging process. At the top of the Accura line, Multiple pre-set and manual bevel options. ProcedureFollow the steps below to adjust sizes. Step Action 1 Switch the edger off.

The machine performs one broit and lists the Rho values. The finishing wheel loading compensation takes manuxl phenomenon into account to compensate the size of the lens after the wheel has been dressed.


According to the type of machine, the following screen comes up. Edging Fragile Lens for example Hydrophobic lenses: The text and error code are displayed if the PC returns them.

Closing the polycarbonate spray 3.

Briot Accura Calibration Manual – Free Download PDF

Press the key to validate the stylus position. Diagram -Line on the rack 6 7 8 Measure the distance between the two lines. The contact can be checked thanks to the symbol indicated above.

The machine performs one movement and lists the Z values. Step 1 Action Access to the following screen of the adjustment menu.

Briot Accura Calibration Manual – PDF Free Download

This correction affects all finishing programs for all materials. The information contained in this manual are not contractual and can be modified without notice.

Frame shape requires the large adapters. Inverter Control Cable 1. The machine performs this three times, and if no fault is detected, it returns to the MTR menu. Rotation in normal speed.