A guide to Benjamin Britten’s intense opera The Turn of the Screw. Piper began sending draft copies of the libretto in early and by this time Britten was. Benjamin Britten- The Turn of a Screw (libretto) – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Benjamin Britten- The Turn of a Screw (libretto). Some of the oldest passages in the libretto of Benjamin Britten’s opera The Turn of the Screw are the Latin bits – the most cryptic parts of what is.

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Miles turns away from her. The action takes place in and around Bly a country-house in the East of England, in the middle of the last century. The lights fade as she runs away.

The Turn of the Screw (opera) – Wikipedia

Will they like me? Name Vocal Type Description Flora Soprano Miles’s younger sister, though usually sung by an adult which means she’s often played older. Ecrew sequence ascends in the first Act and descends in the second. Come, we must go and find her! What exactly, James keeps asking, is youthful corruption?


Quint was too clever I feared him – feared what he could do. It is a curious story Sung by: Do you mind being left alone? Based on her description the housekeeper tells the Governess about Peter Quint, the former valet at Bly House. After some years of back and forth, and the granting of limited rights solely for the Venice performances, Britten’s solicitor cunningly worked out that if the opera was based not on the novella but on the serialization that had been earlier published and it was impossible to prove it wasn’t!

Untried, innocent, she had gone first to see their guardian in London; a young man, bold, offhand and gay, the children’s only relative. The narrative is divided into a prologue and 16 scenes that are fairly linretto in nature. They settle down, Flora on the ground, with her doll, the Governess on a bench, with her book.

You heard the terrible sound of the wild swan’s wings. In the original novel there is of course no easy answer, we have nothing to go on but the text.

Turn Of The Screw, op. 54 – libretto

O miss, may I take the liberty? But she was carried away: A strange world for a stranger’s sake. The lights fade and the drop curtain rises in darkness.


Grose about the man. The Governess and Mrs. I neither save nor ljbretto them.

Benjamin Britten – Turn Of The Screw, op. 54 – libretto

I know nothing of evil, yet I feel it, I fear it, worse – imagine it. Henry James ‘s The Turn of the Screw The room is lit by a candle. Will she be brittten Grose Go to sleep! There’s a nimble-fingered little girl. O innocence, you have corrupted me, which way shall I turn?

Miles, speak to me, speak to me. Daniel HardingMahler Chamber Orchestra. That night, the Governess tells Libreyto that she has written to his uncle about the spirits haunting Bly House.

The Governess feels betrayed by Mrs. Even those many music historians eager to demystify Britten’s life in his works, and uncover the homosexual narrative at their heart, have lacked curiosity about what is actually being sung at these textually darkened moments.