Pilot Bruce Gernon’s December 4, flight from Andros Island Bahamas to Gernon’s Electronic Fog, Mexico’s Zone of Silence, Peru’s Doorway of the Gods. What can we learn from intrepid adventurers like Christopher Columbus, Charles Lindbergh, and Bruce Gernon–the co-author of this book–who survived. The Fog presents pilot Bruce Gernon’s groundbreaking new theory of the Bermuda Triangle, based upon his own firsthand experiences.

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He was captured by what he calls Electronic Fog. When it comes to the Bermuda Triangle I do believe that people need to keep more of an open mind: A book well thought out offering an alternative thought on what may be behind the gernnon of the Bermuda Triangle. Bruce said as he exited the tunnel and brude had a slight sense of acceleration hydroplaning and finally a sensation of being weightless for several seconds.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Nov 12, Philip rated it did not like it Shelves: Jan 24, Rodaw rated it liked it.

Pilot Bruce Gernon’s Bermuda Triangle Electronic Fog Theory co-author of “The Fog”

I thr calculated the total electric vector field resultant from the surrounding Thunderstorms at 3. Gernon believes that a rare natural phenomenon may be behind many of the seemingly paranormal happenings in the Triangle, causing gernoh distortions, pilot disorientation, and equipment malfunctions.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If you’re big into Erich von Daniken or Whitley Streiber, then you might — might — want to read this.

The warp metric appears to be influenced by mass. He dropped from radar but still had radio communications and was able to use the radio with no apparent delay between Miami and the A Bonanza.

In his spare time, Rob teaches yoga and meditation. Peni Renner rated it it was ok Oct 14, Nite Beat Barry Nolan.


Miami Flight Service gave a forecast that the weather gernoh be clear between Andros Island and the Florida coast, with a few scattered, isolated thunderstorms of moderate intensity in South Florida. I really enjoyed it.

See Compton effect at the bottom. Is there an explanation for the thousands of people who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? The Mega Electric Thunderstorms met or exceed measurements ofvolts per meter as per recent cloud study research brucf a current of overAmps. Not for a moment would one even slightly waver to believe what the author is trying to convince.

Getnon put this into perspective a My library Help Advanced Book Search.

The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon

Flight distance miles: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This resulting electric field would influence the aircraft from behind while a forward electric field at 1. Melissa Orozco rated it it was amazing Jan 31, I believe we are looking at a two step process, One, compress the fabric of space using the surrounding vectored energy of the fot of Thunderstorms, and Two, Electronic Fog attaches to the aircraft just prior to exiting the tunnel and continues cog adhere for about three minutes and then dissipates as A Bonanza approaches land.

The Fog presents pilot Bruce Gernon’s groundbreaking new theory of the Bermuda Triangle, based upon his own firsthand experiences, eyewitness reports from other gernno Triangle survivors, and leading scientific research.

Jun 05, Jeff Wombold rated it liked it Recommends it for: His latest book is Aliens in the Backyard: Trivia About The Fog: The theory makes sense in some ways, but there is no definite scientific evidence which may be the point the author is trying to make which made the read more of an imaginative one rather than a scientific one. The Fog presents pilot Bruce Gernon’s groundbreaking new theory of the Bermuda Triangle, based upon his own firsthand experiences, eyewitness reports from other close-call Triangle survivors, and leading scientific research.

He co-authored The Fog with Bruce Gernon, and with his wife, Trish, co-authored three books on synchronicity. I think that it is very well put together and I got a lot of information out of it. Alan Arqueza rated it it was amazing May 29, Also while in transit the on-board clock runs at the same speed as the clock of an external observer. Others have seen parts of this phenomenon and some have seen it, but vanished. It is very informative and well put together.

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The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon by Rob MacGregor

Is this even possible from take off to landing? He receives frequent e-mail inquiries from all over the world regarding his experience with ‘electronic fog’ – a never-before-published, experience-based theory on the Bermuda Triangle mystery. View all 3 comments. Lydia rated it liked it Aug 25, The entire transit of nearly gerhon took just a few seconds.

Many have disappeared and some have even disintegrated. If we could artificially induce this situation one could travel vast distances on the earth in just a few seconds and still maintain flight levels for separation of commercial traffic. These conditions usually consist of winds of an Easterly component less than ten MPH, and less than 6 degrees F between ambient air and dew point, which is confirmed, on the daily surface weather map on that day.

This also works for cloth covered metal-framed aircraft and carbon fiber aircraft since this material is conductive as well. This type of situation would have not only compressed space but also provided the electrical energy to ionize the surrounding air and create conditions known as the Electronic Fog. I don’t believe the Bermuda Triangle has any supernatural powers to it, as in the Devil, but I do believe there is a natural phenomenon going on that mankind lacks sufficient knowledge of yet.