Bryan Haycock, author and founder of the Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) method and Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition (HSN), began lifting weights in By Bryan Haycock, Editor-in-Chief. Discuss this article in the HST Forum. This is a workout that I designed after years of studying hypertrophy-specific research. Bryan Haycock’s interview with T-mag, informative, basic summary of HST. Part 1. Mr. Hypertrophy. An Interview with Bryan Haycock by Chris Shugart.

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Light min cardio can be performed on the rest days but remember regular rest is very important to prevent injuries. About going to failure. So instead of doing 9 sets for chest in one workout you do 9 over the course of a week. This is a total of about 6 to 12 sets per muscle group per week. So, true haycodk from loading proper training only lasts two days at best once the load is removed.

It can likewise be doubled, performing the same workout morning and evening. You’ll only be performing one or two work sets per exercise in this full body workout.

You know that spicy stuff every guy under 30 squeezes onto his food? Check it out, and if you want, give it a fair try and let us know how it worked for you.


Eccentric Training HST makes use of eccentric repetitions of exercises for two consecutive weeks where possible. Fuck that, I know. If this strategy is not applied there is an increased risk of chronic injuries and pain. There is an obligatory increase in weight from lbs. I was able to give up taking hacyock or any kind of stimulant.

Hypertrophy Specific Training – The Best Hypertrophy Program?

Because I was training so frequently, I literally started dreaming about working out and my girlfriend said yaycock when I was holding her hand while sleeping, I started curling it like a dumbbell.

Or would you suggest another approach?

HST is based on principles of muscle growth that have been demonstrated in recent research. HST applies the most-potent growth stimulus of any method you can use. It also treats erectile dysfunction. Question of Strength 50 by Christian Thibaudeau Today How bodybuilders can fight post-show depression, how to eat carbs and stay lean, and what to do if squats make you hurt.

I am a 36 year old male that has worked out on and off for many years with marginal results.

And both variations are safe if you do them right. Still, I wasn’t able to achieve the level of muscularity I saw so prominently displayed in the magazines.


So, you spend two days growing and half a week in a semi-anticatabolic state returning to normal. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. High repetitions are more metabolically expensive and in Haycock’s opinion they promote healing in tendons.

Hypertrophy-Specific Training by Bryan Haycock

He is a physiologist who’s worked as a writer, editor, and as a coach. Side-note — When training 12 times a week, you need to stay on top of the laundry situation because it really starts to build up. The rest of the time you are simply balancing nitrogen retention without adding to it. First Two weeks Notes and Reflections.

Hahcock treadmill brisk walk should be your first choice.

It is very simple. My pains started clearing up as if by magic. The basic theory of HST is based on the following premises: So, aside from incremental changes in the number of contractile filaments hypertrophyvoluntary force production i.

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