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Since EU member countries have had a common standard (EN ) for light planning in workplaces. The earlier standards had comprised of lighting. Illuminance. The SFS-EN standard specifies the minimum required illuminance levels for the task area and its surroundings (see Table 1). room regularly can be evaluated with the. UGR method, as specified in the standard. EN “Lighting of indoor workplaces”. However LED luminaires with.

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The Indoor Lighting Standard, SFS-EN 12464-1:2011

Examples of lighting requirements for spaces, areas, tasks, and activities are presented in Table 2. Health and Care Health and care. BS EN specifies lighting requirements for people in indoor work places, to meet the needs for visual comfort and performance of people having normal ophthalmic visual capacity. Eclairage des lieux de travail. This improves the luminance ratio in the space, increasing visual comfort and performance.

The colour rendering ability is dependent on the light spectrum emitted by a light source, as, in practice, a light source reveals the colours it emits. Light, Lighting systems, Working conditions physicalEnvironment workingErgonomics, Interior lighting, Display devices computersGlare, Performance, Illuminance, Lighting levels, Reflection factor, Optical properties of materials.

Outdoor Park and city centre Road and city street Facade and close to the house. Read more about cookies. The standard requires a minimum illuminance of lx in rooms with demands of good visual communication.

Modelling, which is the balance between diffuse and directional lighting, is another aspect of lighting that should be considered in the design of lighting systems. Part 1 specifies the requirements for lighting solutions for most indoor work places and their associated areas in terms of quantity and quality of illumination. The standard states a minimum illuminance of 50 lx as the requirement and recommends a minimum of 75 lx. Colour appearance is influenced by illuminance, the colours of the space and furnishings, climate, and the use of the space.


For indoor activity areas, the mean cylindrical illuminance must be at least 50 lx and the uniformity no less than 0. Glare For visual comfort, the direction of light, in relation to the shape and location of an object, must be such that it does not give rise to discomfort or disability glare.

Lighting that is too directional may give rise to sharp, harsh shadows. Good colour rendering shows objects in their natural colours and produces pleasant lighting.

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The Indoor Lighting Standard, SFS-EN – Ensto

Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. The minimum illuminance is 50 lx for walls and 30 lx for ceilings. For visual comfort, the direction of light, be relation to the shape and location of an object, must be such that it does not give rise to discomfort or disability glare.

The importance of daylight is taken into account Specification of cylindrical 12464- and detailed information on modelling Specification of minimum illuminance on walls and ceiling Uniformity of illuminance is assigned to tasks and activities Definition of background area and lighting specification for this area Enn of an illuminance grid in accordance with BS New luminance limits are set for luminaires used with display screen equipment according to ISO The ratio between cylindrical and horizontal illuminance on the reference plane provides information on the modelling.


The faster, easier way to work with standards. BS has been fully revised by experts to bring it up to date with technological developments and industry best practice.

European Lighting Standard EN12464-1

Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips. Indirect light in the ceiling ambient light The standard states a minimum illuminance of 30 lx as the requirement and recommends a minimum of 50 lx. Emergency lighting BS Colour rendering describes the ability of a light source to show the colours of objects faithfully and naturally.

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BS EN Light and lighting. Lighting of work places. Indoor work places

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Who is this standard for?

It gives recommendations for general lighting best practice to provide adequate and appropriate lighting, thus enabling people to perform visual tasks efficiently and accurately. It aims to encourage designers to consider all light sources, including natural light, not just electric lighting and it recognizes the importance of daylight for energy saving. You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Vertical light on walls ambient light The standard states a minimum illuminance of 50 lx as the requirement and recommends a minimum of 75 lx.

Based on the findings of our research, we recommend an illuminance of lx.