Title Budidaya Tiram Mutiara contains important information and a detailed explanation about Budidaya Tiram Mutiara, its contents of the package, names of. ANALISIS HIDRO-OSEANOGRAFI UNTUK BUDIDAYA TIRAM MUTIARA DI PERAIRAN BAUBAU. KOMPOSISI JENIS BIOFOULING PADA TIRAM MUTIARA (PINCTADA MAXIMA) DI LAHAN BUDIDAYA PT. AUTORE PEARL CULTURE LOMBOK.

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The purpose of this study were to know the effect of pearl oyster culture activities bididaya the water quality physical, chemical, biological parametersand the sediment of culture site, waters quality status of pearloyster culture site as well.

First group was jutiara the pearl oyster culture waters,and second group was out of the pearl oyster culture waters. Pinctada Search for additional papers on this topic. Recent Advance in Marine Biotechnology. Results showed that the sources of pollutionwere from pearl oyster feces and biofouling produced from cleaning of pocket and its shell. Topics Discussed in This Paper. Karakteristik ge – netik populasi tiram mutiara Pinctada margaritifera terkait dengan distribusi geografisnya di perairan Indonesia.

Skip to search form Skip to main content. Hubungan kekerabatan tiga species ikan kerapu sunu Plectro – pomus spp. Hudidaya This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. Sea water quality observed wasunder sea water quality standard of marine organism aquaculture decided by government, except phosphate.


Penelitian pembenihan Tiram Mutiara Pinctada maxima dengan managemen pergantian air dan perbedaan ukuran tebar awal benih Tiram Mutiara di laut. Distribution of genotype from three populations of pearl oyster.

PT.Budidaya Tiram Mutiara

Integrated physical, chemical and biological parameters assessment found that pollution index was ,mean of low pollution. References Publications referenced by this paper. Supii, and Sari Budi Moria Sembiring Quality of broodstock, phenotypically, and genetically affects to the quality of pearl oyster seed to be produced. The amount of total bacteria andVibrio spp.

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Genetic improvement of stocks of the pearl oyster. The amountof biofoulling trash increased with the size and dominated by organic matter. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Analisis isozim variasi genetik ikan bandeng Chanos chanos Forskal turunan 1 dan turunan 2 di kawasan perbenihan pantai Utara Bali.

Result of Cluster assessment indicate that there was real characteristic differentiationbetween first group and second group control.

Supii Published Pearl oyster spat selection with white nacre character from artificial spawning of wild broodstock. Pinctada Nacre Dieterlea maxima.


Mengangkat mutiara yang terbenam.

Plankton Diversity Index showed the level of low to high pollutioncondition indicated ecological suppression and decreasing of waters quality.

Twenty four species of plankton collected, consist of 4 phylum, that were Bacillarophyta diatom ,Protozoa, Arthropoda, and Mollusca. Balai Budidaya Laut Lampung.

Pembenihan tiram mutiara Pinctada maxima. The research was done at 10 stations, which were 9 stations located around pearl oyster culture site, and1 station located at out of pearl oyster culture site as control. Showing of 18 references. So the pearl oyster culture activities affected thewaters quality. Majalah SamudraEdisi Title Abstract Author Affiliation. An in organicmatter of the feces produced Decreased genetic diversity and a reduced effective population size in cultured silver – lipped paerl oysters Pinctada maxima.

Variasi genetik induk abalone Haliotis asinina dari alam dan turunan pertama F 1 dengan analisis allozyme elektroforesis.

Broodstock that derives from the different habitat in the seeding activities is expected to produce pearl oyster seed with a good genetic quality.